Friday, June 29, 2012

All Aboard! Party at the Wiggins Depot!

After asking the little guy a few times what kind of birthday party he wanted,  he decided on trains. Well, I hope he didn't think a choo choo was actually going to show up at his party, because that definitely didn't happen! And, momma can't afford that! But I had a lot of fun planning for this fun train party. I was definitely thinking more of a vintage look than straight up Thomas the Train in your face everywhere. Not that I don't like Thomas, I do, but wanted it to be a little more original.
Here are a few pictures of the decorations I made. I wish I was this crafty but most of my inspiration came from Vintage Junky, Maddy Cakes Muse and ole Martha Stewart herself .  And, of course, thanks to Lauren Our Beautiful Life for helping me with placement and her crafty skills!

Our train tracks leading to the front door. Ridge cried when I finally pulled up our classy duct taped sidewalk during nap time. He was devastated it was gone.

Old railroad maps courtesty of none other than google.
condouctor hats-
Although, i also saw some at target too! Not sure which was cheaper though. I had already ordered mine.

thank you Martha for the lunch bag flower tutorial! hanging flower tutorial
there were more hanging. but, by the end of the party, they were all on the floor. tape didn't do the trick

Pictures of Ridge j lauren photography

pictures of Ridge year 2-3

cake and cookies:  Glory Through Sugar.
Check her out on Facebook! Thank you Adrianne!

Again, google, thank you for the pictures of "old trains"
cheap and simple!

The plan was to play on the fort in the backyard and have a jumpy blow up thing too. Some of our friends own one and was going to let us borrow it. Well, it came a serious monsoon and we weren't able to blow it up. Luckily, we didn't all blow away and we were still able to go outside after the lightning stopped. It was wet, but considerably cooler! And, I don't have enough room in my home for this many people so I was banking on it being outside! So, thankfully we were able to continue with the party as planned.

Ball pit for babies to play in. Worked great!

Train conductors 

Great present helpers

These were supposed to be pretend train cars. There was one more that said Company

My reaction to Harris' present to Ridge...


In awe of his fish! By the way, he named them Harris and Josiah. And, Josiah died a few days later and mommy rushed to Walmart to buy Josiah2. Sorry you are finding this out Ridge. At least it's years later when you're reading this...

Big kiddos enjoyed the ball pit too!

New big boy bike from Nonnie and Poppie. Didn't get a picture of baseball bat, glove, balls, and soccer ball from Granna and Grandpop.

Glad some college friends could make it!

Grandparents and other great friends. Glad the ladder made it to the party ;)

Fulton enjoyed the ball pit. He was the Jr. Conductor. Little buddy it won't be long til you turn 1!

We had a great time. It was so much fun! Glad so many of our friends and Ridge's friends could make it, especially with the bad weather. I only wish I had gotten a group picture of all the children. I hate I don't have a picture of everyone that came. Thank you everyone and Ridge is enjoying all of his new toys! Thank you Lauren for taking some of these pictures!

No words can describe a mother's love. I'm so thankful for Ridge and the Lord giving us 3 sweet years to love, care, and raise this young boy. I pray that we celebrate many more as a family and humbled that He has entrusted this sweet young boy to us. We love you Ridge! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ridge is 3!

Ridge turned 3 on June 1, 2012. I can't believe he is that old. It's hard not to think about it in ways such as, "only 2 more years until Kindergarten." Or, as Alan said, "1/6 of his time living at home with us is gone." Geez honey. Just stab me in the heart. I can't get that thought out of my head now.
 He's become such a big boy and a great big brother.
 Here are a few of my favorite pictures that Lauren @ beauty in real life  took for us. Lauren has taken all of my children's pictures since day 1. We are SO BLESSED to have such wonderful professional pictures! She's my best friend and she's an amazing photographer!
 Ridge has really enjoyed trains the last 6 months especially, so since his party was train themed, we decided to take his pictures on the train tracks in downtown Birmingham. It was a lot of fun and of course, Ridge loved seeing the trains pass by!

In awe being that close to the train. And mommy is glad we didn't get arrested...

Thank you Lauren jlaurenphotography! You are so talented!!! Our family loves you! (I hope I linked you correctly) Still new to the blog world!
Pictures from his birthday party coming soon!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ok, i am ready now...

So..... my many failed attempts to start this blog are quite funny to look back on. I gues, without further ado, I will begin this blog (again). Since beginning it in 2007, i think? (wow, that's embarrasing) Well, we moved to Gardendale from Tuscaloosa, and began my first job as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I loved it, enjoyed it. Became pregnant and Ridge was born June 1, 2009. He is a healthy thriving young 3 year old boy now! (I hate playing catch-up). July 27, 2011 our second healthy boy was born, Fulton, who is now almost 11 months old. Life is crazy at the Wiggins house. I do well if I've brused my teeth by lunch and we won't even talk about showers lately. (I've gotta come up with a better system.) Anyway, no holding back, I will be real here. A lot of my friends have blogs and I have always wondered, "How in the world do they have time to do it???" Well, if I'm already struggling with brushing teeth and showering, adding this to my list may quarentine me to my home forever and you will never see me out! Ha No really, enough about that. I'm one of those people that can't start working out on a Wednesday. I like to begin something new at the beginning of the week, and oooh, even better, at the beginning of the month! So, the idea of starting a blog stressed me out thinking about it because I thought, "I have so much to catch up on!!!" "Where do I begin?" "Day 1 with Ridge?" "I didn't document any of his month to month except in the old-school baby books and that is so sparse as it is, and, "oh no, now Fulton is almost 11 months, blah, blah..." I can't worry about playing catch up. It won't happen and IT IS OK!!! I will start at this point in our life and if my children ever ask, (which they probably won't), "Mom, what happened while we were little babies, why did you not really document that?" I'll say, well, mom doesn't really remember a lot of that anyway. We were too sleep deprived to remember! No, really, these documented memories are for us to enjoy one day when you're older and probably more for me than anyone else. So, here's to you boys, this is for you!!! I love you more than I can ever express here.. So, here we go. Take 5?!?! I don't even know, I lost count.....and I still don't know how to do this. This picture is supposed to be centered... ha!