Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Pinterest Project Failures

I really do love a great tutorial like everyone else.
Great crafty ideas on Pinterest.
We're all pinning away and then we forget about them or we feel inadequate at times
of all the "great ideas" we have on our to-do list, but yet, seriously,
we barely have time to shower or eat a real meal and not half of a banana or what random leftovers
were on Ridge's plate from lunch.
So... in light of that and all of the perfect homes, perfect blog posts, perfect Instagram photos every day or on Fbook that we see and feel bad about...
This one is for you!
This post is to make you feel better.

So, last year was the first year for Alan and I not to use all of our childhood ornaments that had been given to us by our moms to use since we had none of our own.
 Seriously, some I made in kindergarten, my mom made her first Christmas- like 1973ish. (which some of them I love) Alan's from childhood as well.
So, last year I thought, good grief, we've been married 6 years and we look like we have 10 kids living in our home by the way our tree was decorated and have never had any of "our" ornaments.
Don't get me wrong. Alan loved having all of his childhood ornaments. He's actually commented a time or two on how he's missed them.
 Well, we have kiddos now and our tree is about to turn into Popsicle sticks, felt snowmen, and glitter projects everywhere before too long.

So, all of that to say, last year I bought a few ornaments I liked and so we had like 12 ornaments on our tree. Ha!
(I wanted to wait til after Christmas to hit the good sales. Well, they were all gone of course.)
And, I had actually bought a lot of supplies to make my own. Never got around to it.
Til now!
My first craft was this. Easy, right? String, balloon, glue? No problemo!

My string snowball ornament.
Seriously so pathetic.

 Yarn wrapped ball?
Yes, please.
Simple enough, right?
Top half = looking good.
Bottom half.
Believe me, not as easy as it looks.
I tried 3 times.
I tried glue like the tutorial said and then hot glue.
Became so frustrated that I had wasted an entire nap time and supplies
and I still had no new ornaments.
So, I knew I was not alone in my frustrations.
I needed a good laugh.
I love some of the sites like Pinstrosity
Just wanted to share a few of my favorites for all of you out there who have
failed at your crafting/DIY projects as well!

Oh, and by the way,
I did end up with a few good ones later in the week.
Fail proof.
glass ball
sheet music
cut sheet music into strips
open glass ball
tie string
ANYONE can do this :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Cookies with Nonnie

My mom is such a good teacher with little ones.
Even before she started teaching Kindergarten, she has taught 1st grade Sunday School at her church for over 30+ years now.
She's so gifted and soooo amazingly patient. I wish I were as patient as she.
 Hopefully, this tradition of baking tea cake cookies will continue for many years to come.
We love you Nonnie, Ridge thoroughly enjoyed himself.
(and I've our family has almost eaten all of them!)
(sorry, all of these taken with my phone. user quality is lacking)
starting our tea cakes with the wet ingredients first

Ridge is soaking it in

after he ate raw egg, sugar, and butter. ha
"lightly" greasing the pan

dry ingredients added and now time to roll the dough

destroying the dough
(and we added a Christmas apron to you too Ridge because you had flour everywhere son.)
Dada did not approve. But, Dada was not cleaning up the kitchen after either.

"Umm Ridge, I think you rolled the dough too hard"
"But, Nonnie, I'm tough!"

Let's try this again, but gently buddy
cutting out the cookies.
Aunt Deeda supervised.
decorating with sprinkles
We did not have time to ice them. We didn't tell him that though.

doing a good job

big red Santa

Ho Ho Ho!
I just ate 3 cookies and loved it!

My instagram collages

Ridge is really enjoying and understanding the Christmas season this year.
He is enjoying our Little People Nativity Scene and understands the story very well.
He is enjoying our Advent Calendar and is excited to participate every night.
And, he is learning so many Christmas songs. My favorite that he sings is Happy Birthday Jesus.
It melts my heart to hear his little voice sing and try to hit all the high notes :)
He understands Santa Claus more and is excited about presents as well.
I love all the magic this time of year.
I love you Ridge and you make Christmas even more exciting for Momma and Dada!
Fulton is THOROUGHLY enjoying the Christmas trees in our house. He has actually been pretty gentle with the tree and ornaments. Now, he has unplugged the lights about 10 times and blown a few fuses. So, playing with electricity is still a struggle.
I have all the Christmas trees on timers and when he wakes up in the morning, his tree is usually on at 8. His face is so excited and he's pointing at it with big round eyes "wow" every morning.
I love the sparkle in his eyes when he looks at the lights. Your innocence is beautiful.
You are such a fun baby boy. We love you and can't wait to make so many Christmas memories with you this year. You bring smiles to our faces daily.
Love you boys so deeply.
Thank you God for giving us the most wonderful GIFT! Your son Jesus!
We love to celebrate His birth. The Christmas Story is perfect and we REJOICE IN YOU!
Merry CHRISTmas everyone!

Our Fall- in a nutshell (ha!)

Fall 2012.
Lots of fun. Lots of pictures.

Disney on Ice. Fulton wasn't going to go since we went to such a late show. But, I'm so glad he went and stayed til intermission. He LOVED it!
Of course big brother loved Simba, the crocodile in Peter Pan

He's never sat so still!

Getting ready for Sawyer's Go Dog Go 2nd birthday party!

Miracle worker against LSU this year

Well, another vote, another loooong four years.

Ridge's game this year- Texas A&M
You weren't our lucky charm this year bud.
But, you stayed the whole game!!!

Got a little ugly. We couldn't watch.

Well, there's always popcorn.
At least we're headed for another National Championship!

He thinks he's big stuff in brother's bed

Lifeline Banquet- amazing as always

Cruise!!! Excuse my fake smile. Not sure what I was doing.

The group

 Our dinner table.

Cozumel - this resort was AMAZING!

Some of Ridge's MDO art
I really don't think he did all of this by himself...

Now this one, yes.

Thanksgiving Day
A little football fun outside MeMaw and PePaws log cabin

Ridge thought it would be funny to take off his pants. Ha!

My mom's beeeautiful senior portrait

oops. upside down. But, more artwork.

and sideways. not really sure why these aren't up right.

McWane Center fun

Ridge and Fulton loved the snow again. Fulton got in trouble for throwing it multiple times.
No surprise right now. He throws everything.
In fact, I have a huge knot on my forehead right now where he catapulted an hard plastic toy at me from 10 inches away. Sigh. Fulton- you are a rough, but sweet little boy.
You have been very cuddly lately. And, I thank you. I guess you feel bad about how I look right now.

Starting to decorate!!!!

A late night ER breathing treatment run. Glad you're ok little one.

Finally went to the dentist. Just a little behind. You did great Ridge. You went all by yourself! And, your teeth are perfect (except you have an overbite and we'll fix that later)
 Fulton was also checked. He has had some mouth injuries lately. All of that is ok.
But, we did find out you have an extra tooth. Ha! (sorry, mommy can't help but laugh)
It's nothing to worry about. We'll just pull it if it gets crowded or anything.
Love you buddy!
Ridge decorating mommy to run errands.

Pjs at Walmart. Perfect attire.

brother bath time fun

Ridge said all the animals were kissing just like Mary and Joseph love and kiss on baby Jesus.
(heart melting)
I love your nurturing spirit Ridge.

Rough boys. Fulton- you can hold your own at 1.

Ridge's first fun run/part of a 5k.  You were "jingling" in honor of our little buddy Graham. He has juvenile arthritis. He is 2. You loved chasing Santa. You loved running with Dada and riding on Dada's shoulders. Dada said when y'all decided to run super fast you passed about 200 people and they were all cheering for you! I wish I could've been there but little Fulton was sick.
I love you and hope to run with you too!

We had a wonderful Fall and we're ready for Christmas!!!!