Friday, May 30, 2014

November(ish) 2013 Moore Family Pictures

I'm definitely not the best at picking out clothes for family pictures.
Pinterest definitely helps!
In fact, in these "fall" pictures, my older boys are both without socks. I had not drug out their fall clothes at this point either so I was scrounging! I think Ridge is wearing a 3T shirt! ha! At least the rest of my family planned well. Oh well.
Pierce was about 5 weeks old in these pictures. So, that's my excuse.
We were slow to schedule our usual fall pictures with the fabulous 
Lauren Tuggle and were lucky to squeeze in a few with her during my family's pictures.
But, these pictures are so great. As always.
She never, never disappoints.
The absolute best with children!
So grateful to have her as my best friend and photographer.
These pictures were taken at Black Creek Park in Fultondale, AL
(the same location that Ridge fell in the water during one of our family sessions when Fulton was a baby)
Good times.

All photos taken by jlaurenphotography
Fulton- 2.25 years old (don't laugh at my documentation)

Ridge- almost 4.5 years old

Nonnie, Poppie, and the whole gang

Sawyer had just turned 3.
Jude was around 8 months old I think.

Nonnie was having so much fun :)

Pierce (about 5 weeks old, I think)

Amazing parents

Poor P looks uncomfortable :(

Typical Ridge face. ha!

Love these pictures!
Thankful we have them and were able to use them on our 2013 Christmas/Birth announcement cards.
Thank you Lauren!!!

hello old friend

The OCD in me is making me twitch right now.
January..... January was my last post!
My baby is 8 months old now.
Geez, my last post was his newborn pictures.
(deer in headlights face)
well, this momma has been busy.
and that's ok.
I can't beat myself up for that.
I feel like my to-do list is 100 pages everyday and somehow those dust bunnies are still staring at me when I walk around the house at the end of the day. It's ok. I'm not supermom/superwife/supermaid/
and today super plumber. (stopped up potty. eeew)

I don't feel like this is a chore but a privilege to (try) to document my children's lives.
Maybe they will appreciate it one day.
I wish I would've started when Ridge was born, but I can't go back.
I love my 3 boys and even if they don't look at it one day,
this mommy will.

I love you  3 and I'm blessed to be your Mother.

Now.... time to play catch-up.
(and it won't be the last)
((at least I'm pretty good at documenting through Instagram))