Friday, August 31, 2012

Roll Tide Roll (and throwback thursday)!

This post is a combination of Throwback Thursday, in attempt to try to capture Ridge's life before blog began. Well, began the 3rd time, 4th or whatever. And, to celebrate this weekend's opening game Michigan vs Alabama, September 1, 2012.
This is a glimpse of Ridge and Fulton's journey supporting the Tide!
Oh Baby Ridge, how I miss your funny facial expressions!
Born a BAMA fan!
I think I'm a little too young to be on your shoulders dada.

First trip to the beach and first football season
loved watching the games

(sorry, the quality of some of the pics is horrendous)
And, momma left you to go to ATL to watch us beat Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators.
You stayed at home with Dada. :)
And, then Mama and Dada left you to go to Pasadena, CA.
You were an important part to AL football history since you were born in 2009 and we were National Champions in 2009 :)

Don't worry, Lala and Jeremy left Harris too :)
The Pasadena crew
And, Ridge, you've always loved playing football. Even at 8 months old

Touchdown Alabama!

You have always loved playing with footballs. Well, any sports ball.
Watching games with some of your extended family

"Watching" games with Nonnie

You and your bud, Harris

True fan: game day tee and a diaper



Yay! Fulton's first football season, 2011!


Mama and Dada game date night

On my way to my first Bama game! Nov. 19, 2011. Alabama vs. Georgia Southern (Don't worry, I'm not crazy. I had to google the 2011 schedule and looked for the easy, nobody team game. Sorry to all you Georgia Southern fans)


 that's the best family shot we could manage
Once again, our lucky charm, first game, you get your picture taken with Mark Ingram. Alabama's only Heisman Trophy Winner. You can thank momma for this picture later ;) (It wasn't easy acting a fool and chasing down a huge NFL player surrounded by cops and about to step into his limo, believe me)

best buds playing while their dads play flag football

Didn't make it to the 2011 Championship game, but Ruthie and Fulton were once again our good luck charms for 2011!


Dada's true vintage AL shirt

Choice of clothing on his 3rd birthday :)
Proper attire for the zoo

We love college football. And, especially Alabama football. We're ready for a fun and exciting season! ROLL TIDE ROLL!