Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 summer iphone dump

It's the end of summer!
And, what better way to celebrate than to drop your iPhone 5s in the lake on Labor Day and watch it sink into the dark deep 70+ feet water... sigh.
Yes, practically all of Pierce's life on video is swimming with the fish and whatever else is down there.
Gone forever.
But, you know what....
At least I didn't drop him!!! (But, he was wearing a life jacket.) {side note- I'm seriously buying one of those waterproof floating thingys for my next phone}  But, it's just a phone. A material item.

Gotta keep it in perspective! I keep telling myself that.

To celebrate, I thought I would document and blog because 
I don't want my computer to crash tomorrow...

Ahhh! Don't even say that!!!
Happy Summer 2014! You sure were fun!

Gardendale Farmer's Market

zoo with friends

Pepper Place Market

After I told him a bird could swoop down and attack him

Poor sick baby with ear infections

Ridge is 5!

Desperate to potty train or just pee outside. Desperate was the key word.

Pool with friends

Beautiful sunsets

VBS for Ridge

Those not old enough. ha

K4 class friends at VBS

Driveway hangout

Fulton and Ruthie and that sunset!

Serious potty training

After 2-3 weeks of potty training. Praise God he figured it out!

Lawson is 1!

Pierce and Lawson. 3 months apart.

With Poppie at Easter

With Daddy at Easter. Not sure how this is in my summer pictures. But, it's a fav!

swim lessons at the Y

Vulcan field trip with Nonnie

birthday party fun for these guys! age 5 and 3!

sick again... more ear infections

swim lessons with Ms Courtney

mommy's sunshine

he's excited about the peaches too

bedtime hair

Mud Duck Mudder 1 mile mud run

Potty trained and ready to go!
Mrs. Debbie's class.

Proud of this little guy for figuring out how to poo...consistently in the potty

Pool day with Lawson

Last day of swim lessons!

4th of July fun!

Celebrating 9 years! Anniversary date night!

Noccalula falls

First time at Sno Shack

Fort sleeping in their room

Tubes for Pierce

Bless him. He squished his tomatoes he was holding.

McWane Center

Fulton is 3!!!

Fulton's Birthday Day of Fun

Wedding double date with the Tuggles

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