Tuesday, November 20, 2012

little punkins with their pumpkins

{I'm always going to be a month late on posts. Christmas posts may turn up around June or July which is really about the time that the Wise Men actually arrived anyway.... }
Ok, back on topic. Pumpkins.
Our first Pumpkin Carving Night.
I don't think Ridge has ever carved a pumpkin.
(Well, he didn't really carve the pumpkin. But, you know, supervised.)
Well, we had a great time. Dada worked hard while everyone watched and cheered him on especially with the pumpkin seeds and goop! Ha!
 Just kidding, momma did carve Fulton's in 3 seconds though.
We had a lot of fun and you know what a mess it is. Nice and slimy.
I thought i had read once you've cleaned it out, to rinse it in vinegar to help it last longer.
Nope. Not true.
These pumpkins shriveled up in 2 days.
But, I did read afterthefact, that ole Martha Stewart recommends coating the pumpkin in Vaseline after.
Hmm.. sort of a mess sitting on your front porch with bugs and leaves stuck to it greeting your guests.
Anyway, I might try that next year.
Have any of you found any good ideas to help them last longer?
Here's a few pictures from our fun night playing with knives.
{Disregard our super messy house and my half naked children}

Ridge helping Dada see a little better with his pumpkin flashlight.

Fulton's finished pumpkin

Ridge's pumpkin with his hands traced

Fulton's pumpkin candle was weak.
And, Ridge, son, you're still learning not to keep your hands "down there"
Daily struggle.

Happy Halloween from the Wiggins!


Heather Woyak said...

So cute!! Great carvings :) And, yes...we are working on that issue with Andre...boys...

I watched the HGTV pumpkin carving challenge they showed with the Property Brothers. These 2 towns that were trying to get into the Guinness book carved thousands of pumpkins. And to save them from getting nasty, they dunked them in a bleach solution. We tried that and they lasted a good while - about a week and a half, I want to say. Try that next year. Smelly work, but they lasted!

Sandahlyn said...

Thanks Heather! We will try that next year!