Monday, November 5, 2012

Let the games begin!

And, so, it begins. The world of sports. Sports mom. 2 boys, gonna be a lot of it!

Not really sure what he's doing here. Looks like I'm not listening to you Mama.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sports. LOVE them. A huge part of my childhood. Why, in fact, I was the only girl on a 5-6 year old boys baseball team. For many years.( Softball was not offered until a later age if you're making a funny face right now.){Remember, I grew up in no red light Berry, AL.} Playing softball for like, an eternity, cheering 7-12, and basketball 7-12, I've been around plenty of sporting myself. And, for those that know me, I'm pretty competitive too. Even though all of my high school teams were the pits. We still had fun. And, that's what it's all about. But, the physical aspect is lacking now. Severely.
Ridge ready to attack. (He is a pretty competitive little guy)
Harris' loud roar. Go T-rex's! (A fitting name for 3 year old boys)

All this mumbojumbo to say, I just didn't think we would embark this adventure at 3.


A lot of this was going on.
And this.
And some of this. Boys.
But, that's ok honey, I love you, and this was your idea. And, it was fun. A little cold. A little wet at times. Early Saturdays. Me chasing Fulton the entire time because he thinks he's 3 too and can kick a soccer ball like a 2.5 year old I might add.  It was fun. And, I thank you. {Although at times, (you all know Alan and his competitive juice) he was reminded every Saturday that these children, especially Ridge, are 3 and to lower his expectations.} Thank you Jeremy Tuggle for keeping him realistic. Hard job.

 Here are a few favorites from this year's Fall 2012 Soccer Season. Good job Ridge. I love you buddy!
Soooo cold the morning of their last game.
One of his goals at the last game. Play by play.

Proud little fella. Mama, did you see that? :) Did Fulton see?

Good game guys!
Tunnels are the best part!

Love Harris' face.
Trophy Day!

Best picture I got. So excited. I know honey, the lone broken off foot was a little confusing to me too.

Congrats T-Rex's! What a great, fun, season!


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Chrisynda Price said...

Ha! Didn't know they were actually the T-rexes. How appropriate! =)