Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Pinterest Project Failures

I really do love a great tutorial like everyone else.
Great crafty ideas on Pinterest.
We're all pinning away and then we forget about them or we feel inadequate at times
of all the "great ideas" we have on our to-do list, but yet, seriously,
we barely have time to shower or eat a real meal and not half of a banana or what random leftovers
were on Ridge's plate from lunch.
So... in light of that and all of the perfect homes, perfect blog posts, perfect Instagram photos every day or on Fbook that we see and feel bad about...
This one is for you!
This post is to make you feel better.

So, last year was the first year for Alan and I not to use all of our childhood ornaments that had been given to us by our moms to use since we had none of our own.
 Seriously, some I made in kindergarten, my mom made her first Christmas- like 1973ish. (which some of them I love) Alan's from childhood as well.
So, last year I thought, good grief, we've been married 6 years and we look like we have 10 kids living in our home by the way our tree was decorated and have never had any of "our" ornaments.
Don't get me wrong. Alan loved having all of his childhood ornaments. He's actually commented a time or two on how he's missed them.
 Well, we have kiddos now and our tree is about to turn into Popsicle sticks, felt snowmen, and glitter projects everywhere before too long.

So, all of that to say, last year I bought a few ornaments I liked and so we had like 12 ornaments on our tree. Ha!
(I wanted to wait til after Christmas to hit the good sales. Well, they were all gone of course.)
And, I had actually bought a lot of supplies to make my own. Never got around to it.
Til now!
My first craft was this. Easy, right? String, balloon, glue? No problemo!

My string snowball ornament.
Seriously so pathetic.

 Yarn wrapped ball?
Yes, please.
Simple enough, right?
Top half = looking good.
Bottom half.
Believe me, not as easy as it looks.
I tried 3 times.
I tried glue like the tutorial said and then hot glue.
Became so frustrated that I had wasted an entire nap time and supplies
and I still had no new ornaments.
So, I knew I was not alone in my frustrations.
I needed a good laugh.
I love some of the sites like Pinstrosity
Just wanted to share a few of my favorites for all of you out there who have
failed at your crafting/DIY projects as well!

Oh, and by the way,
I did end up with a few good ones later in the week.
Fail proof.
glass ball
sheet music
cut sheet music into strips
open glass ball
tie string
ANYONE can do this :)


alysonc said...

I just laughed out loud at the Nailed it pictures!! Great post! This is so true! My stuff never comes out as cute, delicious, easy, amazing as it looks on Pinterest!

Jones Family said...

I am laughing so hard at the nailed it photos....could be that it's 4am but I don't think so & either way I'm trying desperately to keep it quiet so I don't wake up everyone else (besides Levi who's already awake)..... Histerical