Saturday, March 16, 2013

Welcome to Colorado!

...Where there is 25% less oxygen and it feels like a heater is blowing in your nose 24/7.
Ive been to Colorado before. I've been snow skiing before.
But man, the dry heat kicked our butts this time!
Anyway, I stink at this bloggy thing.
I'm just now documenting our snow skiing trip that ended March 2.
And, I my last post was over a month ago. sigh.
(More on my lack of consistency later)
So, we begin the journey with Fulton running high fevers day and night. Fun stuff.
And, packing. was. a. nightmare.
I've never hated packing more.
Oh, and it was our first time to fly with our kiddos. (with a 19 month old) perfect age :/
This post sounds so negative. It was hard travelling, and the first 4-5 days with Fulton running a high fever and not at home was hard. And, Ridge having night terrors. No fun. But, all of that got better mid-trip and we ended up having a lot of fun!
All of my pictures are with my phone. I never got out my Canon. It just wasn't convenient really.
So, this is all i have.

We flew into Denver.
A 5+ hour flight, with a stop in New Orleans on the way there.
So, we were on the same plane for a looooong time.
He did great flying.
I should've gotten a few happy and not so happy pictures of Fulton though.
But, we made it. Either way.

 Just a couple hours to Keystone, CO.
This is where Alan's family have always gone snow skiing growing up. They would usually go during Christmas break, sometimes would spend Christmas there.
They love it there. It's 6 miles to Breckenridge and you can ski Breckenridge, Vail, and a couple of other places with your lift ticket.
We didn't make it to any other mountains. We did good to ski what we did! ha!

It took a few days for my breathing to feel normal. At night I would wake up in a panic, almost reminding myself to breathe.
We had 6 cool humidifiers going constantly. Still couldn't tell the difference.
But, we are alive and well.

So, the guys skied on Saturday and the big boys went to ski school for their first day.
(The girls did not ski, we were doing good breathing)
I was really worried dropping him off at a place where we didn't know anyone.
And, who is going to help him go potty with 50 layers of clothes on?
Who is going to make sure he eats and drinks his lunch?
What if he disobeys? He's there for so long. What do they do?
So many questions for a mom.
 But, they have it down to a science ( I later learned).
So, Camp Keystone, I commend you!
He stayed for almost the full day.
Hot chocolate is always a great reward, no matter your age.
He and Josiah had a lot of fun and we were able to get a couple of fun pictures of them.

All bundled up.
Saturday night, Sunday morning it snowed over 7 inches. So, we all layed low around the condo.
I will still teaching myself how to breathe again and doing regular shots of nasal saline drops.
Fulton was still running high fevers so the Pediatrician wanted us to get him re-checked.

Poor baby.
Luckily, no new symptoms. Just pressing through the looongest fever virus ever.
Symptoms did go away within 24-48 hours so we were very thankful.
And, momma was glad he started eating more than yogurt, applesauce and fruit.
But, it was interesting. The only after hours clinic available was the ski clinic at the bottom of the mountain. It's like an ER, doc in a box, trauma center.
We saw some interesting injuries and they told us they see between 80-100 injuries everyday!
Alan's eyes were opened a little and maybe he wasn't as crazy skiing double black diamonds.
It was so nice during the week. It wasn't crowded on the slopes. It was the emptiest Alan and his family had ever seen it.
Here are a few pictures from the day Ridge went and skied with Momma and Dada.
We stayed on the magic carpet ridge for a while and then jumped on the little ski lift to go to the bunny slopes. He had a lot of fun but mostly skied between dad's legs.

He did make it up to the top of the mountain to ski one green. He liked going fast!
And, they did go fast!!! Too fast for me for sure.
Just to give you an idea, I was skiing safely and slowly this go round, so Alan is making work calls going down the mountain behind me. And, doing 180s and videoing going down the slopes.
Cold cold days. And, this was definitely one of the warmer days.
Most days started around 1 or 2 degrees and warmed up from there during the day.
 We were able to spend some fun times in the indoor pool. Thank goodness Fulton had a little outlet for his energy.

We were super happy to have Ryan along on the Wiggins' family trip too!
(And, once again we stink at group pictures. I'm not sure I have a picture of Granna, Grandpop, Sommer, Jon, or Isaac!)
Geez, not a good photographer.
Well, Jon made that pic. Ridge and Josiah love getting thrown around in the pool.
As long as Fulton had his ba-ball, he was good.

Last ski day. Going to ski school again.

Seriously, the kid loves snow.

I was there to drop him off at ski school this day.
Got some fun pictures inside.

 But I quickly snuck out. Parents aren't allowed past a certain point in check-in.
Otherwise, they will never stay.

After almost a full day of ski school!
Skipped nap today since it was our last ski day.
(I've gotta add videos later of Ridge skiing)

Little skis by Dada and Grandpop going up the big ski lift.
Fun snow day outside on Friday before we left to go home Saturday.

Definitely loved the snow. Dove head first in the snow after Dada!

This picture cracks me up. So so bundled up. Poor Fulton loved the snow but his ski coat was too big so his arms ended half way down the sleeve, but yet, we still put gloves on the ends of the sleeves. He was sooooo frustrated he couldn't pick anything up or use his hands! I would've been too. Ha.

 Fun dinner and a sleigh ride that night with the whole gang. (too bad we still didn't get a group shot)

Drive back to Denver. Bama, here we come!

He definitely earned his wings this trip. We all did! Bye Colorado, see ya next time!

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Heather Woyak said...

How fun!! Love that Ridge went to ski school! Very cool :) All those places amaze me with how they work with kids. We were planning a Disney cruise and WOW they are pretty awesome with kids, too. One of these days ;)