Thursday, March 21, 2013

winter iphone photo dump

Good riddance Winter!
You will not be missed by us!
In honor of yesterday being the first day of Spring, we say goodbye to old man Winter.

Inside activities. Enjoying some Christmas presents.

First monster truck show. Finding our inner redneck.

And, of course, every winter includes countless trips to McWane.

#15?!? Say what?!?! Roll Tide Roll!

A glimpse of the future.. maybe... diligently studying.. or more likely, playing on his ipad

More bumps and bruises

The attack of the Winter 2013 stomach virus.

Thankful for warm sunny days to go outside.

Favorite- wear play clothes and go throw rocks and sticks in water and play in dirt.

This kid will always sit on your if you're lying down

Speedy Gonzalez

Enjoyed the circus with Nonnie and Poppie

Watching Toy Story for the gazillionth time

Fun birthday parties

Valentine class parties

Sprints in the house

MDO artwork. Valentine's Day gifts for Mommy :)

And, sideways. But, Ridge's first "real drawing of his stick people friends"
Jeremy, Lala, Harris, Ruthie, Momma, Dada, Fulton, and baby Jude hanging out on Dada's shoulders and on top of his head.

Hello baby Jude. Your big cousin adores you.

Oh yes. My lovely necklace from Ridge (aka from Granna to give to Momma) Hehe!
Only the best for Momma! ;)

Proud of his drawing

More lovin on Jude

The big brother and little brother

Fun date night
Continuing education = such a bore this year.

Date night with just Momma and Dada and the big boy

Trying their own horsey rides

Of course, Chicka-fila as Ridge says

And, lots of kisses from big brother enduring their 10 days of antibiotic ear drops.
Fulton still has 2 days left.

We are ready for consistent warm days outside!
Grass stains, dirt under our nails, ridging our bike, picking up bugs, eating bugs, I don't care.
All the things that little boys NEED and so does their MOMMA!
We have got to run around and burn some energy OUTSIDE!

Can you tell I've never been sooooo ready for warm weather?!?!?!

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