Thursday, April 25, 2013

30. Thirty. The big 3-0!

So, no longer part of the twenty-somethings.
Honestly, I feel like I have not had a second to think about turning 30 until now.
I really think my 30s will be great.
I'm looking forward to another decade of life.
And, so thankful for every breath of life The Giver has already given.
Alan surprised me with a long weekend getaway to the beach!!!
And, surprised me with more friends going too!
It was so much fun. We ate REALLY REALLY GOOD.
(And, it showed when I went for my OB checkup that next Monday. Ha!)

But, I'm thankful for sweet friends celebrating and able to take off work Friday to enjoy a nice and perfect weekend at the beach!
And, thankful for Nonnie and Poppie for keeping the boys!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.
Thanks my love. You outdid yourself.

 We went down on April 13 and storms/chance of tornadoes were expected all day. 
So, there was a chance of rain the whole weekend and it was supposed to be much cooler. 
But, it was PERFECT.
Comfortable, sunny, breezy.
It was so relaxing and fun times with friends on the beach.

No trip is complete without Red Bar. 
And, crab cakes. 
And, key lime pie.
And, Alan and I may or may not have ordered 3 entrees between the two of us.
(We had to have the grouper and grit cake too)
We could eat here every meal.
Ok, my mouth is watering now.

And, snow crab legs are Alan's other favorite meal. So, this is how he eats them.
As he's cracking them, he lets the meat soak in the warm butter, and then he eats it like soup.
Umm... cholesterol needs to be checked.

He might as well just drink butter. He was just kidding. 

Celebrating out in Seaside, FL

As you can tell, we had so much fun.

Always doing something silly in pictures.

Yep, sunflower seed smile. 

Love him.

Yes, that's a lot of candles.

Happy 30th birthday to me.
April 15, Income Tax Day, is such a special occasion ;)

Thankful for this life, His sacrifice for all, a precious family, and sweet friends to share
life with!
Here's to the next 30 years!!!

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Heather Woyak said...

Fun! Happy birthday! Isn't Seaside the best?! Love it!! And, tell Alan that is exactly how I eat my crab legs. Darn, now I want some...the buttery goodness of it all!