Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Easter 2013

This Easter we started a new tradition in the Wiggins home.
Resurrection eggs. I found mine at Hobby Lobby.
 I sure hope you found some too.
They were a lot of fun (Fulton was a wee too young for this year. He just wanted to open up all the eggs)
Ridge truly loved opening the next egg each night and he was able to explain each of the 12 eggs by Easter.
Such a creative way to tell the Easter story to a child. 
And, for them to retell it to you!

If you can read on the left side, it explains what object is in each egg.

Fun Easter egg hunt and party at MDO

The Easter Bunny got him out of his seat in car line. He loved it!

Hopping back to his classroom

Loading up on sugar

Some of his end of winter and Easter classroom art

 Dyeing eggs. Mommas favorite!

A little too destructive with the real eggs but wanted to help

Hard at work putting stickers on his eggs. this lasted for 5 minutes and then he was all done.

Very excited about the sports eggs

Easter morning. A little something from the Easter bunny

Sporting a new knot on forehead hunting Easter eggs at Children's church

Proud of his Easter eggs

Happy Easter from the Wiggins! This is about the best we can do. 

Mom's cherry tree was gorgeous. Picture does not do it justice.

Picture break to go chase the geese to the pond. Typical for us.

Did not slow down one bit

Little brother wanted to go too

Sweet baby Jude's first Easter

Another attempt. Nonnie and Poppie with their 4 grandsons. and 1 one grandchild on the way :)

Another break to run down the front of the hill

Chasing Sunshine

Poor Sunshine is getting old

Luckily Fulton was able to wear Ridge's Easter outfit he wore the same Spring before he turned 2.
And, I was able to find a blue linen 2 piece outfit for Ridge that matched surprisingly well.
We rarely wear clothes this nice.
These boys are too rough and their daddy doesn't like them.
And, it's just not everyday wear around our house with our schedule.
But, I think, for special occasions, they are sweet.
Linen will forever be a classic. And, blue for boys.

Such a sweet Easter celebrating with family.

So so humbled and grateful for the Cross, burial, and resurrection of our Lord!
He is risen. He is risen indeed!

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