Monday, July 22, 2013

My little superhero's birthday party

(This post has been a working progress for 1+ month)
(Not because it's extravagant, just because I can't get it together)

So, about 6 months ago I asked Ridge if it sounded fun to have a birthday party with Fulton.
He said, YES!!!
And, thankfully so.
So, I took the advantage of a "somewhat close" birthday situation of June 1 and July 27 and combined the 2 boys together.
We actually had the party on June 1;  Ridge's actual birthday.
It worked well because:
  1. Ridge actually knows when his birthday is and is aware of these things. Fulton, not yet. He just goes with the flow. Ignorance is bliss.
  2. Hopefully a cooler time than late July.
  3. And, farther away from baby Wiggins being born and Momma being as big as a house.
The party planning began after the date had been chosen.
I felt like our home/backyard would be tight if both kiddos were having a party together.
So, I called and reserved a pavilion at the shadiest park in Gdale.
Thankfully it was available and I reserved it for the earliest birthday party time ever. 9-11.
Hey, I'm just trying to keep it cool. Literally.
The theme: Well, it was pretty obvious when all your oldest child wants to wear is superhero shirts and costumes. And, of course, Fulton just wants to do whatever Ridge does.
So, superheroes it was.

(Just pretend this says Ridge and Fulton, ages 4 & 2)
((I couldn't figure out how to edit my phone number out of the original invite file))
(((Sorry creepos)))

Invitation file purchased here on Etsy.
Shop LeeLaaLoo.

I really wanted to make sure wherever we had the party was shady.
So, not my first choice, but we ended up at the oldest park in Gardendale.
And, it ended up being perrrrfect. It was very overcast.
So overcast that it looked like it could rain at any minute.
But, it didn't.
And, breezy. So, it was so nice on a summer Saturday morning.

Of course a lot of party prepping took place and it was really a lot of fun!

City night scene. Would not have completed without Nonnie's teacher expertise!

Girl superhero cape

Measuring and cutting.

These were soooo easy to make.
I found a great how-to here by Jolly Mom.

FYI- Spray adhesive worked the best with felt.
I had a difficult time printing the template, so once I folded the felt in half, I just eyeballed it and cut each one out eyeing it.
So so easy to make! And, didn't take much time at all.
I had a good idea of what friends were able to come to the party, so I cut out their letters one night while watching TV with Alan. Just free handed those as well.

Chalkboard art for party decor

All of the remainder photography was taken by the amazing and super talented and amazing best friend, Lauren Tuggle @
(And, I apologize I don't know how to create a collage)

The kiddos received their capes and their letter I had pre-cut.

He wore his cape for 5 seconds.

cookies and cakes by Adrianne Richards @ Glory through Sugar

Kept the menu simple since the party was from 9-11 am.
Nice for me!

Decorating their masks and getting tatted up.

Love this pose Ruthie!

Jude won the cutest mask contest! Love it!

Alan was the official tattoo artist.

sweet MDO friends

And, Mommy fail = forgetting to change Fulton into his batman shirt :(

The superhero cape that I bought Ridge and he refused to wear it. Oh well.

Tough face.

Sad because it was too breezy to light the candles :( Poor buddy was sad.

Results of black icing.

Nonnie and Poppie with their grandchildren. Not sure what Ridge was pouting about. I think I have some very similar childhood pictures with that same face.

Granna and Grandpop with their grandchildren. Still pouting.

Just weeks before Lawson made her debut!

so so sweet

It really was such a great birthday party.
 It was so much fun to plan, the boys loved it, and it was easy and simple for Mommy. 

Happy birthday boys!
Mommy and Daddy love you both so much!


jessica said...

Sandahlyn, this is so cute! You did a great job on the boys' party! Love the capes and all the decorations! And the first pic of your family is a framer! Great job, Lauren!

Sandahlyn said...

Thank you sweet Jessica! I love keeping up with your sweet little ones on your blog! Miss you guys!