Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ridge is 4... and savoring June 1, 2009

Truly truly blessed.
Children are a heritage from the Lord.

My due date was June 3, 2009.
But, with contractions on May 31, we ended up spending the night at the hospital and I was induced Monday morning, June 1 because of your low heart rate.
We waited all day for you.
I never dilated, never progressed.
So, around 4:00 that afternoon, it was necessary to do a c-section.
(Sometimes things don't go as planned. 
And, I've accepted that and I'm thankful for a healthy c-section and a healthy baby boy.
At 4:30, I heard your first cry.)
I briefly remember seeing your face, your hands, and your feet when born.
I don't remember much in the operating room.
I was very very very nauseous and uncomfortable.

But, being wheeled back to our room, I remember truly seeing you for the first time.
Our eyes met and it's a sweet precious memory.
You were so awake and I remember the walls passing by, but all I saw was your big brown eyes starting back at me.
It was like we had been a part of each other for 9 months, but had never met.
You knew who I was. 
You were so still and content.
Just starting at me.
And I at you.
And, it was such a sweet sweet moment I hope I never forget;
the moment I became a mother and my heart would never be the same.

Oh how we love you!
You forever changed our lives.
And, we are so grateful for life and He who grants life!
Praise to God for another year of knowing you!
Happy 4th birthday to my Ridgie-poo!

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