Friday, August 30, 2013

August 27th update

1. Beginning Saturday morning, infection was found around his incision/stitches. Very red, sore. Started treating with IV antibiotics every 6 hrs. around the clock. It was a long stressful weekend. Dad, of course, did not feel well at all. The infection has greatly improved since then. Praise the Lord! He received his last IV antibiotic this morning and will continue with antibiotics given through peg tube to ensure it's gone.
2. Stent was removed on Monday morning. Dad was very worried about this because he can only open his mouth so wide. It's been like this since all of his radiation in 2004. So, when the ENT told him he was just going to reach back in his throat with something like tweezers and pull it out (flexible long tube about 10 inches long) he, of course was very concerned this wasn't an outpatient procedure. So, the ENT was able to pull it out so quickly dad didn't even know it. Mom said he was in pain after, as we can imagine, but it was over quickly. Another answered prayer.
3. Tried grape juice yesterday. He was unable to swallow any. This morning, he  had a swallow study done. Same results. (Basically, an x-ray while you're swallowing) So, they found that everything is still swollen. And, some of the liquid went up into his nasal passage. This is going to be a long journey, not just an overnight trip. Please pray that he does not get frustrated but continues to try everyday. The larynx (voice box) plays a huge role in swallowing. Basically it's the lump on the outside of your throat that you see move up and down when we swallow. And, our throat has muscles in it that squeezes our food down. So, that is no longer there. So, learning to swallow with this new throat and no larynx is going to be like learning to walk again with prosthetic legs because the original mechanisms are no longer there. Please pray for complete healing of his new throat and motivation to keep going.
4. Remain positive. So much has happened. So much change. And a long recovery road that will never go back to "normal." But, we praise Him for life and for options. Please pray for him to remain positive and receive encouragement.
5. I have to be honest. I've been fearful, angry, upset, mad, sad, and even grieving at times through this process. Please pray for me, my mom, and my sister as we are caregivers down this recovery road. Especially for my mom. She is AMAZING! I hope I can be half the caregiver/wife she is. A true testament to marriage and my mom's love and respect for my dad.
6. They are supposed to be discharged tomorrow. Mom was told this today. They are both hesitant to go home. Please pray for complete understanding of all the discharge instructions, swallowing exercises, and confidence going home. Please pray for safe travels. And, please pray for restful nights and days for both of them so this road to recovery can begin. He is walking a lot during the day with physical therapy, climbing stairs, etc. Please pray for continued strength.
Thank you for lifting Larry Moore in your prayers.
We are forever grateful,

August 3, 2013

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