Friday, August 30, 2013

My Dad

That moment.
The one you hoped would never ever happen again.
It happened.
(This was my initial email to closest friends and family as a prayer request.)
As many of you remember, my dad won the victory over pharyngeal (throat cancer) in the fall of 2004. After a feeding tube, trach, extensive surgery to remove lymph nodes in his throat, receiving 39 treatments of radiation and 13 of chemo, the tumor was gone. He has been cancer free since then.Just happened to be one of the 13% to be diagnosed with head and neck cancer without a history of smoking/alcohol. He still struggles with swallowing difficulties at meals and is limited to the types of food he can eat safely, but Praise the Lord, he is here with us.
This August would be 9 years cancer free. Unfortunately, the past 3 weeks have been difficult for my family. From one test to another, trying an antibiotic for what was thought to be yeast in his throat, which led to a biopsy Tuesday, July 16. The results were devastating. The cancer has returned. Not the same tumor. But, the same type of cancer in a different location in his throat. (squamous cell carcinoma) After a PET scan and meeting with his ENT yesterday, he was basically given a few options for treatment which includes surgery- the removal of his larynx (voice box) and creating a new "throat" or swallowing passageway. Of course, that's a huge change in quality of life.  And, there's a 60-70% chance the cancer will still return in the future. Chemo is also an option but not a cure to end all. And, radiation is not an option because he has already received the maximum amount of radiation and would not be beneficial in fighting the cancer.
We also received results from his Pet scan this morning that were not encouraging either. The spot on his nasopharynx and a questionable spot on his lungs. We pray the spot on his lungs is something unrelated.
With all of this said, my dad, my mom, my sister, and myself are desperately requesting your prayers. You are on this list because I know you will lift my dad's name to our Lord Jesus Christ! We are reliving a horrible nightmare and we are physically, mentally, and emotionally broken. My dad is worried, concerned, confused, shocked, beaten down, and still trying to grasp this news. Please pray for my mom as she is so positive and encouraging. Pray for her strength to continue her positive attitude. Pray for my dad to be encouraged by other patients that have received this same surgery through phone calls/emails. Please pray for him as he makes his decision for treatment. Please pray that peace and discerment would replace doubt and worry. Please pray for these doctors as they lead him to make the best decision. Please pray for a peace to cover my mom and dad during this difficult time. Please pray for their sleep and that He will bless their rest. Please pray that the Lord's presence will constantly surround my mom and dad during this time.
And, ultimately, please pray for COMPLETE HEALING in Jesus' name! He is the ultimate Physician, He is still on the throne, and He is still in Control. Even cancer. We appreciate and covet your prayers more than you will ever know. Please feel free to share his name with any prayer groups or prayer warriors you know. My family believes in the Power of Prayer!
For those of you that know me, but don't know my dad's name, it is Larry Moore. And, he is a precious husband, father, Christ follower, Poppie and we love him dearly.

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Brittany said...

Just now catching up on blogs and reading this. I will be praying for your Dad! I am so sorry you all are having to go through this.

Brittany Thomas