Monday, September 9, 2013

Beach with Nonnie and Poppie

I am a huge beach person.
My parents, not so much.
Their idea of a vacation is to go do something they've never done or seen before. I get that.
They love to travel when they can and love to go go go.
I think the last time they have been to the beach was in 2000 when we took our exchange student Tim from Germany. I may be wrong. But, I think that's right.
So, it has definitely changed a lot since then.
It was nice to all be at the beach together. The whole family.

The timing was neither good nor bad.
It was in between finding out Dad's cancer had returned and his 2nd opinion in Atlanta.
So, it was hard to relax. But, it was nice spending time away with family, enjoying each other's company. He was in pain while there and not sleeping well. I wish he could've enjoyed it more.
 But, we are thankful for all the time we have with one another.
Of course, all of the 4 boys loved it! They are all fans of the water and sand. They had a ball!

A little late night crab hunting

they had more fun climbing up and jumping down a huge sand dune

little fish. did not want to get out even with lots of jellyfish :/

wake up Daddy- while pulling on his eyelids. ha

combination of clothes and hat from nonnie and poppie. 
swagger boys in smocked outfits. ha!


frisbee fun with nonnie

Sawyer had a blast too! He loves the sand! It was hard to pull these guys inside

checking on jude

Ridge and Fulton both love to go underwater. Ridge really has no desire to swim on top of the water.
Strange. But, he really improved swimming underwater! We were so proud of him. Hopefully this fall/winter we can take swim lessons.

Daddy enjoyed nap time too ;)

Nonnie and Poppie with all 4 grandsons. Soon to be 5!

what all fell out of R's swim shorts one day. tons of sand, rocks, and a few shells. ha!
he didn't even tell us! ouch

a little putt putt

fulton is a little dangerous with that green club

rare picture with just mommy.

We had a great time with Nonnie and Poppie!
Thankful for family time.
Thank you Nonnie and Poppie for such a fun and memorable trip!

Unfortunately we weren't able to go on the annual beach trip with Alan's family this year.
With me being 36+ weeks pregnant and my dad just being discharged from the hospital, the timing just didn't work out. We hate we missed it but look forward to the next time though!

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