Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of Summer 2013 Hoorah!

I think I blinked 2 times and summer was gone.
The days and weeks fly by faster and faster.
The boys keep me busy and we don't slow down.
And, we've been so busy with dad since mid-July, I just now feel like we're in the groove and enjoying summer.
I love all the activities of summer. The long days, play outside til bedtime, watermelon, mowing the lawn, gardens, farmers markets, swimming, slip n slides, more watermelon at our house, grilling out with friends, sitting in the driveway talking and letting the kiddos play, more watermelon. (seriously)
Man, I wish it was summer year round.
Ok, I'll stop complaining and do my iphone dump.

We love you summer! Come back really really soon!

(May be my longest post ever. Not really for entertainment. Just for Mommy's records)
{These are mostly everyday pics that aren't included in a special trip or occasion.}

getting lots of love when I was sick 

shopping buddy. lots of help ;)

could throw rocks all day in Nonnie and Poppie's ponds

preparing the garden

bug catchers

attempting to get out on his own 

eye exam shades 

fun play date with sweet friends

those dimples and curls. I could eat you up Fulton!

oh yes. that time we were playing at the botanical garden and jumped in the puddle until it became mud and we had to walk out in our undies and diaper. we looked like rednecks 

the removal of the holly bushes and dead shrubs.

haha. facetime with jude

this fun lunch date

fulton wuz here

R explaining to F the directions of shaving.

Sav a Life baby shower. Such a blessing to help host.

His hiding spot

reptiles at the mcwane center

preggo craving

baby boy #3

look mom, I'm Mary

lots of zoo trips

trying out the lawnmowers at lowes

that time F threw my phone into the stream at Homewood Park while feeding the fish. he thought he was "feeding the fish my phone" thankful for my lifeproof case! still works!

he hates time out. breaks his heart :(

summer cold = breathing treatments for little

 flowers for Mrs. Debbie- his MDO teacher

we toured the golden flake factory. lots of fun!

slippin and slidin

loved having all these hydrangea blooms this summer :)

some backyard camping

family park fun

Daddy enjoyed it a little too much ;)

baby bunnies at Ryan and Crystal's house

where F would put his stuff. on my baby shelf.

this 4 year old. yes, 4. wow.

lots of pool fun this summer

lots of peeing outside too

4 year old shots. bless him. i didn't tell him until right before.

mommy had to reward him. ok, and maybe mommy wanted one too

Cousin trip to Nonnie and Poppie's for VBS!

mastered the rock wall

thursday morning entertainment

more pool time

we did our part catching bugs this summer and letting them die in the bug box ;)

fearless in the pool. borderline scary.

good checkup at the dentist

 farmers market on thursdays

 nice  bed head
family fun at Isaac's first birthday party

celebrating baby Lawson's arrival!

sweet new mommy!

Daddy's amazing lawn boy

our sweet neighbor took these pics for me. exactly in step every move. 
didn't leave his side. mowed the whole lawn with him. every. single. time. he. mowed.
i told alan he may not do this next summer. alan looked like he might cry.

so sweet.

VBS crafts

more zoo

fun zoo playdate with harris and cam!
there's mommy!

teddy bear/stuffed animal picnic at MDO

this girl in the pool. bossed all these boys around. had them line up and told them when they could jump in. 

poor fulton. he was left standing and she never told him it was his turn :( 
this picture is funny and breaks my heart at the same time. tender-hearted boy 

more preggo cravings

what happens when you give fulton a huge sucker. wow at the drool.

after dinner walks

more thursday morning garbage truck entertainment. they included a new friend

little boy eyes and eyelashes. mommy is jealous.

fun ikea trip and ended up being a girls weekend! so fun!

superheros 24/7

stick person with purple wild hair is Ridge's sister he always talks about....??

train fun at Nonnie and Poppie's

awkward family photo. yes,  check me out on the right.

that 4th of july that it rained the entire time.

baby brother is loved

sweet baby hands

1st visit to the Georgia Aquarium!

Fulton is still sporting a black eye from his head injury 

lots of steel city pops

happy 8th anniversary!

 sleeping beauties

Lauren's 30th birthday party dinner!

happy anniversary to us! date weekend

more time at the pool

oh yes.

Birmingham Barons inaugural season. Fun date night.

Fulton's first night in big boy bed/ sharing room with Ridge!

He plays night night all the time

R loves fresh corn on the cob just like his Momma

Fun play dates

serious fishing

Fulton's birthday

This kid can eat his weight in watermelon!
aka "Monenelon"

little skinny dippers

Poppie is amazed

Oh my. First time on the 4-wheeler.

Orientation for K4!!!

Visiting Daddy at work

Last day of MDO and Mrs. Debbie's class! Tacky day!

Getting closer!


Father/son trip to the Baron's game

Fulton wuz here

Summer MDO artwork made by Ridge

post nap snuggles with 3 boys ;)

more zoo trips

little brother loves big brother

these eyes melt me

sometimes Fulton is just a blur passing by me

lots to do. still not done.

Picnic dinners and fun at the park with Sawyer and Jude

First family movie

They were ready!

Of course, R did great. Fulton needed some popcorn, cheerios and a little discipline to stay still.
He kept saying, "Mommy, dark!!!"

Family game time

Loving on sweet Ruthie.

Bye Bye sweet sweet summertime. You were so fun.
These 2 little boys love you.
Next summer, there will be 3. Oh my! 

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