Monday, November 18, 2013

Before and After

Let's face it. When you're crazy and hormonal and 4 days away from delivering your 3rd child,
every mom should paint their entire living area!
Yes, create more chaos!

So, yes, the Monday of the week baby 3 would arrive on Friday,
our entire living room, hall, foyer, and kitchen was painted.
So glad I did it then and not after though!

Here are the before pictures:
We painted our living room with the Tuggles one Saturday night (before kids)
during an Auburn and LSU game. It was so fun!

But, definitely time for a change. Geez.

 Original builders paint in kitchen. Always wanted to have it painted since we bought our house. But, I knew there was no way we could do it ourselves.

 And, yes, this nursery looks ready for a newborn!
Perfect environment to bring a child home too.
Yes, I'm crazy.

Bad lighting at night. But you get the drift. It looks like newborn poo.

 Ahh..... peaceful gray!
I did a lot of searching for a gray. Very difficult to do I might add.
Either grayish-purple or grayish blue.
You have to be careful. After about 8 samples, I finally found what I wanted and Sherwin Williams was having a 30% off sale and they mixed the color 25% lighter for me. And, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I will have to come back and add the color name. I found the paint swatch at Lowes and had Sherwin Williams mix it.
I know. I couldn't do anything simple of course.

All painted. And,  everything was not on the walls when baby came. But, at least all the furniture was back in place and the house was clean :)

Everything almost back to normal...

 Baby is coming soon!!!

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