Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Two lives

This picture.
 Words cannot express how THANKFUL I am for this picture.
The birthday of my son.
Exactly 1 month post surgery of my dad.
My Father.
My Son.
The cross on the wall behind them.
Two lives, two hearts beating, two healthy bodies.
Two miracles.

A new life created by Him...
and a life saved by Him.

To God be the Glory!

It seemed fitting and honorable...

Pierce Larry Wiggins

Pierce with his namesake, his Poppie.
Happy 2 months old today little Pierce!
And, thankful for 3 months post-surgery for my Dad.
Continue to pray for his swallowing and for continued healing of his new throat.

Thank you Lauren Tuggle for this priceless picture.


Life with Lucy said...

This IS a priceless picture! It will be a treasure for years to come! Love everything about this post and love that he is named after your daddy.

alysonc said...

I love this so much. Such a blessing in every way.

Julianne said...

I didn't know that was your Dad's name! How precious. What a legacy this man is leaving!!