Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring Soccer 2014

And.... call me crazy.
We signed Fulton up for soccer at 2.
He was not old enough to play (supposed to be 3), but bless the sweet lady over the soccer league that knows Alan and watched Fulton kick the ball around at every one of Ridge's games and practices last fall.
She probably felt sorry for me since I was enormous in the fall and then had a newborn and knew this kiddo wanted to play.
Initially, actually, on our way to sign up Ridge, we were not going to.
But, she talked us into it.
And, I thought we had lost it when I was writing the check for both.
But... I admit, it was GREAT!
This kid would've been miserable on the sideline not getting to play.
And, so would this momma.
Fulton did so good! And, he truly, truly, LOVED being out there.
He was so excited for every player on his team and had the biggest grin every time Jeremy yelled his name to go in and play. It was pure joy to watch him and I, yes I, loved every minute of it.
I'm thankful she talked us into (allowing) him to play.
Diaper and all.
Yes, we were those parents. 
Fulton scored at least one goal every game except one and he cried after the game and told me "I not kick it in the goal mommy." Bless him. He tries so hard.

Ridge also had a great season in the U6 league.
He has gotten quicker and is VERY COMPETITIVE.
I love how he tries very hard and goes after the ball!
Great job Ridge!

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