Tuesday, August 5, 2014

1st annual Bama classmates beach trip

Gotta think of a better name for this trip. 
We had a BLAST!
The Wiggins', Tuggles, and Marsh's made this first trip a memorable one.
We weren't sure how it was going to work with 3 couples (we missed those that couldn't make it) and 7 kids all sleeping in the same townhouse. It went so much better than expected.
We stayed on 30a. Originally at a townhouse in Blue Mountain Beach.
The one we booked was actually not available anymore so they gave us one "identical."
(Now, Lauren and I searched and searched and spent a loooootttt of time finding something that would work for all of us)
After arriving, unpacking, we headed straight for the beach that afternoon and skipped naps.
It was great. Went back to our room to start dinner that night.
No pots. No pans. Not one cooking utensil at all. Nothing. Nada.
Just plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware. Bare to the bones.
This is a brand new, NICE townhouse. We're not sure if it was never stocked or what happened.
So... we fix the kiddos sandwiches and we order pizza for the adults.
Meanwhile, Jeremy and Lauren are downstairs in their room checking on their pull out sofa bed.
Nope. Not a pull out like described on the listing. 
And, then the a/c goes out on the ground floor. Naw naw naw.
So, Jeremy has the agency on speed dial at this point.
After packing up our kiddos, all of our clothes, pack n plays, groceries, and our other friends whose husband was still on a work trip, we load up to go to our next destination.
A house. A beautiful house in Watersound.
Apparently such a beautiful magazine worthy house that we would never be able to stay in if the new townhouse was our budget. wow. ouch. According to the rental agency.
So... this house was great. super great. But, not on the water or with an ocean view. 
Considering everything we had been through, we took it. 
And, we were not charged for the difference and we received an extra night free.
So.. of course, we took advantage of that and went back on Monday afternoon.
It was awesome.
We had a great time. We stayed the weekend before Memorial Day weekend. 
Kiddos were still in school. Lines for restaurants were 30 mins. max.
The weather was beautiful. Seriously, it was so much fun.
You get the point.
Here's a recap of our long weekend. 

So, Alan had a work meeting in Destin, FL the week we were leaving. 
Mommas, yes, I packed for all 3 boys and myself, which is like a 15 day project.
And..... yes, I can't believe it, I drove by myself, MYSELF, alooooone with these 3.
And, if I might add, it was an absolute downpour the ENTIRE drive. Only the grace of God on those tiny back roads. Seriously. I never looked at the speed limit signs because I never saw them and I was only going 25 almost the entire trip anyway. Geez. We only stopped 2 times. Pretty good considering I had a nursing baby. And, when we stopped to eat dinner at Sonic, I think we were under a monsoon warning because the roof started leaking and soaked our food. No joke. Seriously, thank you Jesus for your safety!
So, here we are, crashing Daddy's room at the San Destin Beach Resort and Spa!

And, our $55 room service breakfast. Seriously, made of gold.
Everything we didn't eat, packed it into the old diaper bag.

Not in focus, but this is Alan's finger. The size of the enormous splinter stuck in Fulton's back.
(This happened while I was alone with the boys at home a day before leaving. Splinter in F's back. 
Tried to pull it out myself. No. Tried to with Granna and Grandpop. He turned into The Incredible Hulk and no one could pin him down. So, once we get to the beach, Alan tries. It was soooo far in his skin you couldn't get it out. So, first on our agenda after checking out of Daddy's hotel, the ER trip.
Doc has to cut his back open to get it out. Crazy how big it was.
Then they put a bandage on it and tells us he can't get it wet for 48 hours. Umm.. we are here for the beach. Pool, ocean water, etc. So... we tape up this guys back with multiple waterproof bandages and tape everyday. Thankfully it healed find and all is well.

Now we are ready to go meet up with our friends!
Beach pictures in no particular order.
(All iphone pics. The DSLR never made it out of the bag. oops)

We seriously had the best little setup for our kiddos. This private beach area has an inlet to the left and it's waist deep on an adult. So, our kids played here all day long. For real, once Ridge was out on the beach, I never saw him again until it was time to go. Hence, not very many pictures of him.They all played their hearts out and the view was STUNNING!

sand slide

The. Best. Beach. Baby. Ever.
He made taking a baby to the beach a breeeeeze!
Thank you Pierce! Mommy loves you!

oh. my. goodness. muah!

View of the side of the house.

afternoon ride with these fun girls. ahh, girl time is the best!
We shared many fun summers living together!

All of the kiddos except baby Aaron.

A little morning porch sitting. Still waking up.

Somehow, Ridge was never to be seen and I only have pictures of Fulton and Pierce.

Our setup.

Go-carts with Daddy

And, here's a group picture of all of us.
Left to Right:
Traci, Aaron, Charles, and Cameron Marsh.
Ridge, Pierce, Alan, Me, and Fulton Wiggins
Ruthie, Jeremy, Lauren, and Harris Tuggle (and baby in belly)
This was such a fun trip and the best beach spot we've ever played at!

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