Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July with Nonnie and Poppie

What a fun Independence Day! We spent our time in the booming metropolis of Berry, AL. This is where I grew up. Small town life  (not even one red light) and this is where Nonnie and Poppie live.

Time for some fun in the water. Ridge was a wild man in the pool

 Fulton may be the youngest, but he can definitely hold his own! The child wanted to climb up the wet slide the entire time. He kept sliding back down. We'd save him from drowning and he'd get right back up and start again. Tough little guy! And, he laughed the whole time!

Sweet cousin Sawyer

Here I go!

Has already learned the cannon ball. Probably not the best size pool for that.

Little fish

In charge of the water hose

Loving every second

And, of course, what 4th of July doesn't include going to see cows? HA! Somehow it came up in conversation, so after dinner, we head out to find cows! Which, I think almost all of my parents neighbors have cows, so it wasn't a long haul or anything

Amazed at the cows and the strong smell too!
Mommy called the cows (with her professional cow calling voice) and a few of them actually started coming toward us!

Happy to see cows for the first time!

My sister, Chrisynda, (aka Aunt Deeda) Sawyer, and Uncle Sam!

And our family

Yes, honey, you are practicing your number 1 very well. You will be 1 in just a few weeks!

And, last but certainly not least, we have to pee pee outside! It's so much more fun! I thought this pic was ok since you really can't see anything inappropriate.
I couldn't add the pics after this one. But, he completely wet his shorts, underwear, and shoes and he ran in the house in his birthday suit!
We love you Ridge!

I know Nonnie and Poppie love having 3 grandsons since they just have 2 daughters. It's been enlightening and there is especially never a dull moment with 3 little boys age 3 and under! Sad I didn't get a pic of Nonnie and Poppie. I'm sorry Mom! Thank you for hosting 2012 4th of July!
We were able to catch a few fireworks on our way back home. Since the 4th was on a Wednesday this year, we didn't stay up too late. Scheduling Mom! =) Gotta keep those babies happy!

We are very blessed and thankful for the coutry we live in. For all of you that know my dad, you know how strong he believes in the beliefs our country was founded upon. And, those are also values that we believe as well.
 My Uncle, Don Rice, is a Certified Financial Planner and is CEO of Money Management Services in Mountain Brook, AL. I receive their weekly email because we have investments through his company. He shared a letter he wrote this past week and it was very moving. I wanted to end my post with his words.



Lauren said...

Love your post! You are so much better at documenting than me :( I need to get better and get my camera out! Fulton is such a tough little guy, I love him!
Ruthie can do a 1 too, only she doesn't know why she is doing it. Ha! Love your family! So proud that you got a family picture. I need to get better about that.

Sandahlyn said...

Lauren, haha, this is my first time ever documenting anything. LOL! Your book of their first year is nothing short of amazing. I'm so glad you have that!
The family pic- yes, that's prob the first one, seriously, since you took pics of us last November. Pitiful. So glad you helped me get this project started.