Monday, July 30, 2012

My baby is one!!!

This momma is attempting to condense 1 year into 1 post!!!

I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I know all parents say that. But, really, I feel like I've blinked and Fulton was 6 months, blinked again and now the little booger is 1!
Not a baby, we have a full blown toddler.
And, he is walking everywhere and into EVERYTHING!

Here's a quick picture recap of your birthday sweet one:

Remainder of birthday pictures taken by

Ridge LOVED you and was so jealous he wouldn't really let anyone else hold you.
We would let him hold you for a minute before a guest wanted to hold you, just to please him during your "newness"

Some favorite newborn pictures taken by

Here's a recap of months 1-12
(Son, I apologize for not taking such great pictures of you, especially those first 2 months. Momma was doing good to feed you and keep you clean)

1 month-Tummy time on boppy talking to brother. You looked so much like baby Ridge but with less hair!
 And, by week 8, you were ENORMOUS! You totally skipped 3-6 month clothes.
3 months- sleeping pumpkin
4 months- oh, look at those cheeks and sweet lips!
photo taken by
5 months- you were a chunk! Look at those dimples!
6 months- sweet sweet baby! and, a big baby!
photo taken by 
7 months- so fun!
8 months- Disney World
9 months- so cuddly- your nickname was "smiley"
10 months- loving summer time and the swing!
11 months- EVERYWHERE!
1 year old!!!
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 Ridge really truly loved playing with toys. Fulton, not so much... at least for now.
But, Fulton, his favorite toys are:
balls, his standing choo choo train, and balloons.
Yes, that's all. Not interested in anything else developmentally appropriate for his age. He is more interested in:
1. Toilets. yes, yummy toilets. And, I'll admit. Mine have not been the cleanest lately either.
2. Showers. If I can't find him and he's not playing in the toilet water, he's sitting in the shower playing with the disgusting drain.
3. Washing Machine. He has almost crawled in that thing. And, Ridge came running to me and said Fulton is getting in the dryer!
4. Spit up. It's weird. He still spits up often after a meal. Well, probably because he can eat so much! And, his favorite thing, rub it in the floor. Playing in it and gets getting it all in his hair.
5. Hanging from the kitchen table. One day at lunch, little Tarzan is hanging by both hands gripped on the side of the table swinging. For like 10 seconds. This was probably at 10 months old. I know, it's only going to get better.
6. Destroying anything Ridge has created. Cars, trucks, trains, stuffed animals, anything.
7. Remote controls and baby monitors. Daily battle.
8. Cords of any kind.
9. Now, he does love the slide on the fort outside. And, he tries to climb up constantly. He has one for his age but he could care less. He goes for the big one. Now, at the Splash Pad park, he did climb up one slide all by himself. Unreal.
10. Dishwasher. Not the occasional push the buttons on the outside. The kid will pull down the door, climb up on it and sit and start pulling out the utensils. The last time he did this he was so quiet and sneaky and I was in the kitchen with him! He had a steak knife in his hand and luckily I was able to take it away before anything bad happened.
He is a quick little booger. And, oh so persistent and determined. I know these are going to be great qualities one day. But, for now, he's keeping me on my toes. Ridge does let me know when he's doing a no no. And, I'm thankful for that. They play really well together until Fulton starts destroying one of Ridge's "projects." And, despite your astounding curiosity, you are such a HAPPY and EASY GOING baby! You are such a JOY!

Right now, Ridge and Fulton love to chase each other. Typically, Fulton will still crawl when he wants to be fast. But, the rest of the time, he walks slowly.  If Ridge starts running in the house, Fulton will start laughing so hard and crawling away so fast. It really is so funny and sweet. Ridge also enjoys pulling his legs and dragging him across the floor. I know, great game to play. And, it's slowed down a lot lately, but for a while, every single day, Ridge would tell me he's Simba and Fulton is Nala, and he would roll around and tackle Fulton like in The Lion King.( He told us he was Simba at least 10 times a day after we got back from Disney World for a few weeks.)  He knows he's not supposed to tackle Fulton but still does it anyway. He trieS to do it "gently." In his mind, if he's gentle, anything is ok!
I know, all of you moms out there with older boys are saying just wait, just wait! It only gets rougher as they get older. And, I know it will. And, with Alan, who acts like a grown boy, it's going to be even crazier. Being a mom to 2 boys is fun and never a dull moment for sure.

 Since my blog is still new, and we missed all the major milestones,  I'm going to recap major events in your sweet year 1.  (This is information overload for those of you that read my blog. I apologize again.) (There may be a future post where I attempt to hit all of Ridge's major milestones...) Oh my.
Here we go:
Born July 27, 2011. 8 lbs, 1 oz. 21 in
It took you a while to sleep through the night, I mean, like, 4 months old. Momma was dying.
You also had acid reflux like Ridge. You had more spit up than Ridge. Ridge screamed while he nursed.
You nursed very well and you mostly nursed and took bottles more at 9 months+
I had to give you a formula bottle at night because, well, you were a big boy and momma didn't have enough milk for you!  You were wearing 18 months at 8 months old. I know, huge. So, you've basically been in the 75-95% your entire life.
You were such a sweet easy easy easy baby though. You were content wherever and you never cried or fussed. You were truly an answered prayer as our 2nd baby!
At 7 months old, you needed tubes. Recurrent ear infections and antibiotics were doing nothing. So thankful you were able to get some relief. You woke up every night during those 2 months and the only thing that would soothe you to sleep was me nursing you. But, you were happy and no fussing at all during the day. After tubes, sweet baby could finally get some good sleep. You've been an excellent sleeper since! Except for colds of course.
You sat up early like Ridge too. Around 4.5 - 5 months.
Crawled around 8 months old.
First tooth around 5 months old. You have 5 teeth now.
First steps around 11 months. Walking at 11.5 months.
The first few times I told you no no, you had a delayed reaction and your little bottom lip stuck out and your little feelings were so hurt. You act tough but I think you are also sweet and tender hearted.
You are an EXCELLENT eater. You will pretty much eat anything now. I think if I fed you bugs you would smile and eat them. Now, I say that now and that can easily change tomorrow.
I have introduced whole milk to you this week and you've loved it at times and not liked it at times. But, you adore your sippy cup of water. You can drink 4 oz in 0.2 seconds.
And, I actually gave you peanut butter today too! You enjoyed that also and mommy was happy your face did not swell or lips because I was ready with the benadryl.
You love riding in your wagon outside and you laugh at whatever Ridge is doing and entertaining you with. The last few weeks especially, you've wanted out so you can do your hand and feet crawl on the grass/concrete to pick up a ball or something dangerous to put in your mouth.
You said Dada around 10 months. Mama came later, night night and boo.

Fulton you are a tough one year old! You are definitely all boy! You have filled our lives with so much joy and we are so blessed to call you our son.

Party and 1 year pictures coming soon!


Lauren said...

Oh how I love this little boy!! Good post! I totally need to do this so one day I will remember everything :) Love you and your precious family!!

Sandahlyn said...

But, you have those awesome 1st year books! This is nothing. This is the most condensed version of a baby book ever. Kinda sad :/ Love you and your family!!!!

Striving4prvbs31 said...

Happened to run across this blog today. Love it! Your Fulton sounds EXACTLY like my Riley! Same interests and same chunkiness :) He's precious!