Tuesday, September 18, 2012

3 summer experiences I failed to mention

So I'll be quick.
3 summer highlights that slipped my memory:
First, watering the dying grass in the backyard.
It began as oh crap, our grass is dying during those 100+ temperatures
And, it ended up like this...

Needless to say, they had fun. Alan is such a fun dad to our boys!
He is definitely the one that is more likely to do something like this.
And, then, led to, "Hey, watch this!"
And, let me tell you, adding water to the slide = unbelievable speed! Alan flew into the house a few times. Ha! A little airborn and then slinding across wet grass!

I even got in on the action.
Needless to say, the grass was watered. :)
Second, my mom, "Nonnie", wanted to take the boys to a creek since they had never walked around or swam in a creek. Ridge enjoyed looking at waterfalls this summer and Nonnie sent him lots of pictures of waterfalls she saw on her vacation. So, we were on a search to find somewhat of a waterfall he could play in that was close by. That led us to Turkey Creek in Pinson, AL. Never heard of it, never been, but we gave it a try one Saturday morning in July.

It was FREEZING!!!

Alan tested the rock slide before adding Ridge.
 Brave little guy

Fulton enjoyed crawling around on the rocks and playing in the puddles. 
And, lastly, Ridge started Mothers Day Out (MDO)
He started June 4, 2012
We had debated sending him to "school" for a while. And, I was more hesitant than Alan for a long time. But, finally when I was ready, and right after his 3rd birthday, he started "school"

These pictures were the best I got. Too much to ask at 8:15
Ms. Chelsea was his Summer 2012 teacher.
Now, his Fall teachers are Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Amy.
He loves it and talks about his teachers and his friends at school a lot.
And, I love his honesty too. He also tells me when he gets in trouble.
I love your honesty Ridge! Don't lose it honey!

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Lauren said...

bahaha! The water slide kills me!