Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wiggins Family Annual Beach Trip

This was planned to be posted much much earlier. But, our family has had the sinus/respiratory funk again and this Mama has been recovering herself. So, I'll try this again...
It was that time of year again, right after Labor Day, Beach Bound!
a.k.a the PERFECT time to go to the beach.
Ocean is still warm, days are warm and usually 85-90, not too hot but comfortable,
pool feels amazing, no school kids, and no long lines at the restaurants.
PERFECT for young kiddos!
Ahhh! I wish I was still there!
I have always loved the beach. Every. single. aspect.
When I'm at the beach, I don't want to be by the pool. I can do that at home- neighborhood pool.
 I want to be on the beach. See and hear the waves. Lay out on a towel or chair in the sand.
Sit in a beach chair and let the waves hit my feet.
Ok, I sound 70+ years old.
No, really. I love the sand, the crabs, sea gulls, the ocean, everything.
And, I've always thought about how fun it would be to play with my children on the beach.
Building sand castles for hours. Digging ditches, burying ourselves in the sand, etc.
This was such a fun trip. Alan likes the beach, but not like me. I'm ready to get out there every morning right after breakfast, and not come in til lunch or nap time. That's the whole reason we are there, right?
While Fulton took his morning nap, Ridge and I enjoyed a lot of sweet mother/son time. It was truly so fun playing together and building so many things in the sand. He truly loves the sand and the ocean as much as me, and it warms my heart knowing I have a beach buddy.
This was Ridge asking, "Why has Fulton never played on the beach, mom?"
Well, because Fulton was 3 months old on our last beach trip. He didn't want to play in the sand. He just wanted to eat, sleep, and poo.

So, this was Fulton's first moment in the sand. Love at first sight. Mommy's heart so full.

For those of you that have been around Fulton during mealtime, you know the grunting hunger sound he makes because he's so impatient and ready to eat. Well, he was making the same sound here walking toward the ocean. Ha! (And for the record, Alan loves his Flap Happy hat by the way) ;)

staring down the ocean

And, that was the extent of wearing the hat. Mama saturated that fair little head with sunscreen.

Loved playing in the sand bar. Perfect swimming pool for him.
Ridge and Josiah

Caught a crab during the day!

Coming down the slide. I can't believe I didn't take a pic of that!

 sweet cousins

 Ridge and I shared a sweet morning on the beach. Just the two of us. It was one of those sweet special moments. Wonderful 1:1 time.

seriously... no words 
"Mama, what did Fulton do???" Oh don't worry son, he just rolled around in the sand like a beached whale. Just doing his thing.

Jumping the waves with Dada.


Our feet

Fulton with Grandpop

Buried in the sand

Proof I was actually on the trip ;)
We did have a scary emergency during the trip. Isaac was having some scary health issues, but after a night in the hospital and some tests, he was ok! Praise the Lord!
Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a group picture or any fun family pictures with them being gone the latter part of the beach trip.
 But, we are thankful for Isaac's test results!
Thank you Orange Beach, AL for another wonderful beach trip.
I hope to see you again real soon.


Lauren said...

Cute pictures!! Can't wait until we can all go together. The boys will have a blast!

Snowdingo Aus said...

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