Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer iphone dump, wheeew!

In no particular order whatsoever, here's a smidgen of our summer events...ok, maybe more than a smidgen. Is that even a word?
Lots of fun times at the Children's Park in Fultondale. Favorite activity, throwing rocks into the water
Mama didn't want Fulton diving into the rocks
On the go

Sweet sleeper with booty in the air

Hello. My name is Mr. Everywhere
And, the 2012 garden is planted!
No Mama, I'm not going to eat the rocks. Said no 10 month old ever.

Playing in peace while Fulton takes his morning nap
 I've bumped my head on every table today!
Happy post nap baby

One of Ridge's favorites- putt putt

First time bowling

And, it's growing!

Dirty dirty little toes crawling around back yard
Dry and potty trained boy!
Rub a dub dub 3 boys in a tub- with cousin Sawyer
sweet baby skin
"shaving" with dada

following the red laser light

Happy surprise birthday dada!
Anniversary weekend! Happy 7 years!

My busy 13 month old
busy busy boys
bedtime stories

(something happened to this pic. looks a little distorted)
mowing the sidewalk

watering our huge squash plant that took over our whole garden. not worth it since neither of my boys have liked squashed cooked any way yet...
working hard

Ruthie playing in Fulton's crib. Supervised play time ;)

Finally finished the last piece in Fulton's nursery. And, he was 11 months old.

Tractor riding with mama's childhood friend, Denny
big boy practicing on big boy bike
Waterfall in Ryan and Crystal's neighborhood

The only way to contain Fulton at the park. Glad you like it bud

First squash harvest. Grilled these bad boys up! Yumm!
Ruthie and Alan bonded :)
I should've done a whole post on Fulton's first watermelon. He LOVES it!
birthday at the zoo
lovin on baby brother, or annoying him

my roaring lion

Fulton gave it up poor baby. He said, where's my crib?

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Fulton and Sawyer

Fulton- Yes, he's gone and the cars and trucks are all mine!!!
Ridge stayed at Nonnie's for 3 days to go to VBS

Having fun with 100% attention from Nonnie
Growing tomatoes! They look like bunches of grapes

I need these eyelashes.

Went to watch Skyler and Tyler play baseball

Sprinkler fun. Fulton thinks he's 3 and Ruthie is not enjoying it. 

Talking it up over a bag of chips and hummus.

pretend sleeping
lakin. sexy husband

First day of "school" or MDO. June 2012. 3 years old 
After his first day of MDO. So excited and loved it.
Sign to take to Nonnie after her surgery

And it keeps growing...

that was a good nap

like father..

like son. Working on our table manners

mohawk baby

one of his favorite places

Dada opening his father's day present

it's much more fun with Dada

Jesus storybook Bible
Ridge loves "reading" this book. Sharing it upside down with Fulton

and more.. seriously, I gave so many away. I couldn't keep up

throwing rocks. hmm. gotta work on that form

our nature walk

drinking from the water outside

and more...

love this face and this shirt!

Ridge's weird day after reaction to we think mosquito bites. notice left leg (with bandaid) is swollen

huge swollen left knee. terrible experiences. and breathing difficulty at night. very scary. keep benadryl on hand at all times.

pool with Dada

And, there's 7 months difference between them. And, Reese is older. Can't tell. She was so sweet and kept calling Fulton, "baby" 
Fun with Skyler, Tyler, and Drew
boat fun, even though he looks miserable

still unsure about the tube he just rode on
and the nightlight happened. began to be afraid of the dark. thank you target for your glowing orange dumptruck.


aww, sweet brothers

ok, that was over fast

when we played outside at 8 pm because it was 105 degrees during the day

again, he really thinks he's 3

my one and only venture to the pool by myself even though I said I was going to do it every Sunday afternoon during naptime...sigh

no fear

sweet baby face

we loved our okra and watermelon! and no need to buy tomatoes for sure

we realized Ridge's dinosaur eats faster than him. no joke
our actual anniversary. spent it taking care of 2 sick babies all night. :) Romantic!
more watermelon
devastated the farmer's market was close. oh i love you Ridge

date night

Happy Anniversary honey!

Can. Not. Be. Still

Zoo fun with Harris

Zoo fun for babies too

Dancing in the street

I'm too big Mama.
big boy
oh so snuggly. and loving  your dimples!
I'm a toddler!!!
Sick sick boy
first of many weird creepy toys

loved the summer olympics

Fulton's swimming pool

fun in the creek

so so so cold! Even in July

New love: cutting with his scissors
First sport: soccer

with buddy Harris :)
 It's going to be a fun and entertaining Fall!
I love seeing you both grow and change. I look forward to every season and what you will be doing next! I love you Ridge and Fulton! We sure had a fun summer!


Julianne said...

Thanks for the fun peek into your summer! Miss you guys!!!

Sandahlyn said...

Thank you Julianne. Love and miss you and your sweet family!

Chrisynda Price said...

Love that Ridge reads the Crock Pot book! And the pictures of Fulton eating watermelon in the high chair with the face like he's been caught "red handed" and the squirmy shopping cart baby cracked me up! =) Love those little boogers!

Lauren said...

I can't believe it but I think you actually had more pictures than me! :)

Aonya Gray said...

Loved all of them and love those boys! :)

Sandahlyn said...

Yes! All of those pictures crack me up too! They love their Aunt DeDa!

Sandahlyn said...

Yes, more than a pro. Embarrassing.

Sandahlyn said...

Thanks Aonya! We love you!!!