Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ridge says the darnedest things

So, I've been meaning to post this for a while.
I've done a poor job of keeping up with "the darnedest things" that Ridge has said. He was an early talker. And, I think, a pretty good talker even for his age and milestones.
I've kept a little list on my phone and decided I need to post them in case the ole iPhone decides to chunk it the next time I upgrade the newest software. Ahem.
So, these are just a few. Just for me to read when I'm 60 and need a laugh. (Or next week when I'm about to pull my hair out)  I really do love you boys! ;) But, I'm only human.
Ridge- probably 19 months oldish???
Riding in the car. Ridge sees a tiny spider crawling on the passenger seat in front of him.
"Mama" "Mama" "es?" "es?" (es= this. My little Spanish speaking pookie)
Oh honey, it's just a little spider. Whack!
"Uh-oh. Oh no. Itsy Bitsy Spider???" (with a super disappointed look on his face. Poor baby thought I killed his friend, itsy bitsy.
Ridge- no clue how old
Playing with my phone.
Who you talking to pookie?
About what?
"Noah's ark."
Ridge- sometime right after Fulton was born. 2 years
"Who bought you Fulton?"
Ridge- still to this day. He says "Hold you, Hold you!" And, I don't have the heart to correct him. It's just too sweet and innocent. I promise buddy. I will correct you before Kindergarten.

Ridge- (while Aunt Deeda was pregnant with Sawyer and her pregnant belly was super interesting to him)
In Walmart
A rather large older lady walking close to us. No one else in sight. No one.
"Baby! Baby!"
While pointing to her not pregnant belly.
Oh, son, thank you for this. I'm sorry poor lady. Please forgive me and my son's comment.
Ridge- right after Fulton was born. He loved to explain to everyone who was loving on him or talking to him. "He can't talk!" "He can't talk" While getting in your face looking at you super concerned because you were actually trying to talk to this tiny (ok, not so tiny) newborn.
Ridge- then it turned into, "When he gets bigger....he can talk" "When he gets bigger, he can walk" "When he gets bigger... fill in the blank." He loved explaining all of this to everyone. Such a good big brother.
Ridge- 2.5 years old
Pointed to some cupcakes we had. "That's a cupcake and it makes me feel better."
Oh no son. What have I said in front of you???
Ridge- 2.5 years old
While eating a few different leftovers one night as a family.
"No mommy, you can't do that. You're a girl. Only boys eat steak. Girls eat chicken."
Ridge- 2.5 years old Christmas vacation 2011
While Alan was doing his typical not shaving while on vacation-
"Dada, take your chin off!"
Ridge 2.10 years old
This one is not so funny. Very interesting. Very.
"I have 2 sisters. The big sister is Hannah. She died on the cross and is in heaven (I think we need to share the story of the cross again. Even though he hears it probably once a week. He does mention from time to time that if someone dies, they die on a cross too) And, I have a little little sister but I don't know her name.
Comment said on Good Friday 2012!
Ridge- 2 .10 years old
"I need a brother and a sister."
You have a brother son.
"Well, I need a sister. I'll buy us one at Target."
Ridge- 2.11 years old
Driving across Red Mountain.
Passing St. Vincent's Hospital
"Momma, that's where you go to buy babies!"
Ridge- 3 years old
His baby cousin Isaac was a few weeks old.
We were watching the news and they were informing us on the latest information on Hurricane Isaac.
"Momma, Momma!"
What son?
With such shock and surprise on his face, "Listen, they are even talking about how Isaac is getting bigger and stronger everyday!!!"
Love it.

Ridge- 2 years old. Momma huge and pregnant.
At Chick-fil-A
(thank you Dr. Seuss , The Belly Book)
A rather very very very very large man walks in to Chick-fil-A.
I can see the questions rolling through his little mind. Gears were ticking and tocking.
While I'm trying to shove a huge chicken nugget in his mouth,  a fry, a napkin, whatever I can reach...
"Mama, that man has a BIG FAT BELLY!"
I have never been so embarrassed. No, I do not teach my child what fat is.
I can thank Dr. Seuss for that. And, The Belly Book was hidden for a while.

Ridge- 3 years and counting
(sidenote- I love Dr. Seuss books, but they have caused some problems with all the rhyming. And, since the incident above, I do not read "fat", even if it rhymes. I choose "big or huge." )
Yes, my child likes to, as of lately, rhyme every word he hears. Some of his made up words are nonsense. Some are not so nice. He doesn't know this. But, it gets him and us into trouble at times. And, it is embarrassing. Is this normal? I've gotta ask our pediatrician. So, if you hear my child rhyming away, just ignore it. I'm hoping it's just a loooong phase we're going through.
Ridgie poo.
I love your inquisitive little mind. You truly love to learn and know more every day.
I hope I never forget your innocence. And, I pray that you keep it for as long as you can!
Lord, thank you for this sweet life and allowing me to be his mommy!
Thank you for the days you have given me with him and I pray for many more.
Use his little life for your glory!
I love you Ridgie poo.
(disregard the messy room)


Lauren said...

I have something like this on my iphone too of Harris. I have forgotten to put so much down though :(
Oh Ridge, you do say some cute things, and with his little southern accent ;). Too cute!

Chrisynda Price said...

bahhhH!!!! I didn't know about the one about Hurricane Isaac!!! And I thought the discussion with God about Noah's ark was through the baby monitor? Love you sweet Ridgie Poo!! =)

jessica said...

I love this post! Such a good idea to record those sweet and funny words!