Friday, May 17, 2013

Ridge's quotes...

A few of these have been over the past few months.
Time for Momma to document:

"When I get 68, I can go out in the forest all by myself."
(He's really stuck on living in his 60s)

"I could pick up a tree at 61, because 61 is like the size of a whale."
(All of you that are 61, you're feeling really good about yourself right now)

Ridge: Aunt Deeda, (Chrisynda) "When I get to be an adult I'll pay lots of money to buy a wife."
Chrisynda: Oh really? Did your daddy pay lots of money for his wife?
Ridge: "Uh huh."

(Ridge sleeping after a weeknight soccer game. Around 10:30 pm. He calls for Alan)
"Dada, I don't want to kick the soccer ball anymore. I'm tired."

Today's quote, riding home from Mommy's OB Dr. appt; in deep thought.
"Mommy, how did God put that baby in your belly? I know Jesus makes the baby because he's the Son and He helps His Daddy. But, how did the baby get there?"
Me: God creates every baby and it's a miracle son.
"Did you swallow it? Is that how he got in your belly?"
(Ummm... I thought I had a little while until this question came along :)

I love you Ridge and your little wheel-turning mind!
Mommy ;)

***oh yes, and, I'm 21 weeks. Over half way there little one!

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