Tuesday, June 4, 2013

T-Rex's Spring 2013 Soccer

Here's my short Spring soccer season recap:
I wasn't able to take many pictures except with my phone, well, because I was chasing after little man and keeping up with the time. So, these are basically it.
So, here we go:
Ridge's 2nd season of soccer. 
It was much smoother.
 It wasn't as bad as herding cats as Alan described the first season.
All of the players knew more and played better.
And, all of them except for 2 new little girls were on his team last Fall.
Ridge did really well some games. He scored 4 & 5 goals a few games, and even 8 goals in one game.
(Daddy probably remembers more accurately than me)
But, you played really well. 
We had a few instances of having a difficult time keeping our hands to ourselves. 
When playing defense, you would want to use your arms to help get in there and get aggressive. 
So, we had a few talks about that. 
But, other than that, you had a lot of fun, got plenty of exercise, and Fulton loved watching you and your friends and can't wait to play himself.
We have really enjoyed soccer because they games are an hour max.
You're running the whole time. 
There's no down time in the game except for quarter and half time breaks.
And, it's early Saturday morning and we have the rest of the day to our family!
But, Mommy actually enjoys the weeknight games more :)
We love you sweet boy and we are proud of you!
You had a lot of fun and played with old and some new friends!
And, of course, Daddy and Jeremy had fun coaching you guys!

Harris, Ridge, and Deacon

Running through the tunnel after the game trying to high-five my hand

After the last game

Silly boys with their trophies

We played his friend Layla's team

Best buds :)

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