Friday, January 3, 2014

Pierce’s Newborn pictures

So so behind. We all are.
I just don’t want to forget all of these sweet sweet moments and pictures in this world of technology and pictures staying on our iPhones or computers and never getting printed or looked at again.
That’s why I blog. (Or whatever you want to call this) ha!
Ok, my Piercy-poo!!!!!!
Oh my, he is such a sweet sweet sweet sweet baby. God bless him. And, bless you God for giving us this sweet boy to call our own!
He was a few weeks old in these pictures. Mommy and Daddy didn’t participate in these, well, because we probably had not brushed our teeth in 3 days and was doing good to let poor Lauren in our home to smell us. Geez, it’s just hard to take care of a newborn with a 4 year old and 2 year old. (blank stare)
I’m just going to let these sweet pictures do the talking. These are my favorites. And, of course, the super talented and oh so good with children and babies because she is a momma herself, Lauren took these pics. You can check her out here.


Julianne said...

These are SSSSOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!! How rich you are, my friend!

jessica said...

Love these pics! What beautiful, precious boys! Miss you guys!

AmyandAndrew said...

That picture of Ridge and Pierce is perfection!! Love all of them!