Monday, August 27, 2012

sick sick summer... as in Walgreens knew me by name and the car I drive

And, I don't mean sick as in, awesome or super.
I mean, sick, illness, fevers, ear infections X 1 gazillion it feels like.
So, I'm guessing it stems from Ridge starting "school."
But, geez, the Wiggins need a break!

 Ridge fell asleep after waking up from nap time beside me on the couch. Pitiful baby. He has NEVER EVER EVER done this.
I wish I could take the pain away.

No, really, I expected a few runny noses and coughs here and there. But, I've been MIA for weeks lately. Around mid June Ridge started running a fever and after a few days, went to doc and it was a super yucky ear infection in the right ear. Took the super powerful Augmentin, 2 weeks later, still there. Took omnicef, 1.5 weeks later, still there. Took the children's z-pack, 1.5 weeks later, still there. Did the 3 day Rocephen (sp?) shots (which was the most miserable experience ever with a 3 year old) 1 shot in each leg each day, still there.
at the dr's office on a Sunday, boo!
After a round of shots, so pitiful.
So, this past Tuesday, August 21, 2012, RIDGE HAS TUBES!!! {I hear hallelujah playing in my ears right now}.

I worked some magic and the surgery was scheduled the morning after our appt ;)

still waiting in waiting room

finally called back and playing until surgery

 thank you Children's for having toys for them!

 who's bigger momma? me or the soccer ball? ha!

 Glad he wasn't bored or asking for something to drink or eat too many times

Popsicle and 8 stickers makes it all worth it! All done!
Please don't think bad of me for praising tubes. We have already been down this road with Fulton. It is the only option left and it's a wonderful one! And, the not knowing of how the surgery works is scary. But, it was a 5 minute procedure. He was back in my arms in 10. No iv, just gas mask and all done! When Ridge was little, he had his share of ear infections, but the antibiotics always helped. Not so with Fulton, which led to tubes at 7 months old. And, such was the case with Ridge this go round.
So, the experience is long. Too long. The wait is ridiculous. We got there at 6:30. Can't have anything to eat or drink past midnight (aka bedtime for us). And, surgery happened around 10. Ridiculous, I know. But, the end result is NO MORE PRESSURE OR PAIN!!! He can still get ear infections, but he doesn't have to take an oral antibiotic, just ear drops. It's amazing!
Thank you Thank you to the one that invented tubes!!!!
This past weekend the boys came down with this super nasty cold virus that affected their breathing! Can I just say, that is SCARY!!! But, after 2 doctors visits, a nebulizer, and enough albuterol for the whole street for a year, we are better and fevers are down too.
But, man, don't play around with your child having a hard time breathing. Go to the doctor! Luckily, Fulton already had a mask, air chamber for the "pump" sprays. {My knowledge of breathing issues, asthma, etc. is pretty pathetic as you can tell}. But, we have the real deal now. Poor babies have been taking breathing treatments every 4 waking hours. And, albuterol makes you jittery and hyper!!!! So, naps have been pretty hit or miss these past few days.
But, in the midst of such a sick summer. I'm reminded that these sicknesses are nothing compared to those that other families are facing with their children. All of these are viruses or curable infections. And, Lord, I'm so gracious for that. Thank you for our doctors and the medicine and treatments we are able to receive. Thank you that we live in a country where we can go see an ENT and not wait 3 months. I'm greatful for recovery and healing and for the Lord Jesus watching over our family during these illnesses.
And, I'm looking forward to {hopefully} a healthy Fall and Winter. Hopefully with tubes in all 4 ears, the future is looking bright!


Lauren said...

Praise God that they have curable illnessess. Can you imagine the pain tons of parents go through with children that are sick like this all the time due to major diseases. I can't imagine. Glad you praise God in the storms as well! Love you and your boys and yes, lets pray for a very healthy fall and winter.

Sandahlyn said...

Exactly Lauren. So thankful that they are curable and nothing terminal. Thank you Lord for good health!