Monday, August 6, 2012

One year pictures... *sniff sniff

Thank you (as always) for being our family's professional photographer!
You are loved and appreciated Lauren Tuggle!

Seriously, it so so hard to choose my favorites because they are all so good and spectacular!
But, here are a few ok, many of my favorites...

My old wagon

This picture makes me laugh. He started pushing the wagon down a small hill and the wagon is rolling faster and faster and he's holding on pushing faster and faster and starts crying! Ha! (It really was funny!) Lauren and I were glad you didn't end up in the creek like Ridge did last November :)

Oh, you little charmer!

Awesome! You put me on a table?!?!

 dirty boy :)

Yes! One of my favorites, crawling up the slide!
I think I'm 3


I can only imagine what you'll be attempting at your 2 and 3 years pictures, son.
Love you little pookie!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great!! He's a handsome little fella :)

Anonymous said...

those pictures are so sweet and boyish :) the best kind!! he's a handsome little fella

Hollyhand House said...

Sweet pictures!!! Love them all!!

Heather Woyak said...


jessica said...

the pictures are so beautiful! great job, lauren! =) so glad to be able to keep up with you and your family through your blog, sandahlyn! love y'all!