Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2012 Christmas Extravaganza Rewind

These are a few of my favorite things... lalala
ahem... {pictures}..
Merry Christmas from the Wiggins 2012!
(or you could look at it as we are just celebrating early for 2013 Christmas)
either way, except nothing but procrastination on my posts ;)
...and in no particular order

This years Christmas card
(I know there has to be a less tacky way to upload the file, but I was too lazy thanks to icloud and my photo stream)
Thank you, as always, jlauren photography for our awesome family pictures.


zoolight safari- Fulton's first attendance

 the rest of the fam behind us separated by a girl that sang obnoxiously  wonderfully the entire train ride

Totally ok with meeting Santa this year. 3 is the magic number I guess.
Nothing like a Santa sitting in a zebra print chair. Nice.

"I want a reindeer and a little Lightening McQueen that talks"
Love the simplicity of his Christmas wish list.
Next year, it will be the mini mini ipad.

his first experience with Santa- 2nd Christmas, 18 months old, also zoolight safari

Fulton not so ready. Couldn't even give the bearded man a high five. Terror.

Maybe the only pic of momma around Christmas. Savor it. Old schoolin.

Dada thought he could do better. 

And, that is Aunt Deeda about to pass out pregnant because she's facing backwards getting sick while taking pictures of Sawyer. 

Special moment with Nonnie's family. Her brother reading the story of  the First Christmas to all the great-grandchildren and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thankful for my family and celebrating the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas

I guess the only pic I took of Ridge's tree. :( Sorry Fulton, I'll take pics of yours next year honey.

Gotta shop at Walmarts in your Christmas pjs at least once in your life

Ridge's classroom treats

Christmas Party day at MDO
Last day of school for 2012

oh yes. The first Christmas program.
Loved. it.
Check out Ridge and Harris' moves.

Sweet teacher Mrs. Debbie and my son who looks like he has rotten teeth because of all the chocolate he just ingested at his school party.

He even won a coloring contest! And, hey, he used more than orange!

Another potty casualty.
After Lightening went missing, Finn McMissile was found in the bottom of the potty.

Alan's amazing hiding spot for one of my presents.
Impressive honey ;)
(If you can't see it because you're distracted by my messy counters, look up)

Christmas time at Nonnie and Poppies house!

And somehow, always resorts to my old Fisher Price people
Anyone recognized that school bus?

And, I'm over this.

Tough dinosaur.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Fulton's face when he would see a Christmas tree this year.
Every morning waking up in his room with his tree and in the den.
Loved it.



Back at home and sprinkling the reindeer food.
Definitely understood more about Christmas this year.
Loved doing the Advent calendar. He looked forward to it every night.
Loved the excitement of Santa and Rudolph.

Only the best for Santa- Oreos

Neither of them could contain their excitement and peed all over their beds.
Nice Christmas morning surprise x2

Checking out the loot.
Fulton is smiling because he has no idea what's going on.

Whoa! I see my Lightening McQueen!!!
(And, momma ended up paying $24 buckaroos for ol Lightening, regular 8.88 at Walmarts.
Amazon saved the day.)

Fulton's tool truck

Ridge's workbench

Ooooo. Christmas Tree!

The aftermath.
Momma still doesn't exist.
2013, I will be in every picture. Get ready everyone.

Later that morning while getting ready to go to Tuscaloosa,
Ridge said, "Momma, you know what?!? I didn't even ask for a Finn McMissile. Santa knew he went in the potty. And, he brought me one anyway."
So sweet.

At Granna and Grandpops now.
The two young-uns
Sweet baby Isaac

Gear for snow-skiing

Sweet sweet baby. You're beautiful.

Uncle Jon's big helper.

Ridge- Mom, we're doing this again?!?!?
Fulton- Watch this!

Tis the Season to be Merry and Bright!
Merry Christmas everyone!

We are thankful for what the Lord has done in this past year.
Our faith, our family, and our friends.
And, most importantly sweet Jesus' birth.
Thank you God for sending yourself as a sweet baby to die for our sins.
Our life is yours.
Lead us to glorify you.

The Wiggins


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