Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My baby is 18 months?!?!

I remember my dear Grandmother telling me when I was younger that time is faster the older you get. I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard.
Time is time.
But, geez, it's so true.
I can't believe my baby is 18 months old?!?! Where does the time go?
Fulton, you are a joy and so much fun.
We love your sweet face, little curls, dimples, and smile.
You love to, of course, do everything Ridge does.
You love to throw everything.
(Balls and everything else you're not supposed to)
You love your shape sorter. The circle is your favorite :)
You still love to play with everything that is not toys.
You still bring me electrical outlet covers.
You love to feed yourself.
You love to eat spaghetti with your fingers.
You love your pacie. Too much.
Going to cut that thing after the skiing trip.
You love to empty the ball basket. Multiple times. Everyday.
You love to play cars with Ridge.
You love to race with Ridge.
You love to straddle. Everything. Everyone. You're so funny.
You eat. Pretty much everything right now.
You have an extra tooth. Yep. Interesting. We'll fix it honey. Ha.
You talk so much.
But we can only understand .8% of what you say.
Favorite words: cracker, mama, Dada, ball, football, bye bye, hello, hi.
And, of course, animal sounds are a fav right now.
You love the moment you hear Dada open the garage door and walk through the door.
You get so excited!
You love climbing up the stairs on the fort and sliding down all by yourself.
You are so big.
You love playing in the rocks under the fort. You only put the rocks in in your mouth 1% of the time now.
You love to play with the magnets on the fridge. And, you put them in your mouth.
You love to play peekaboo.
And, you, every time, without fail, take your socks and shoes off in your car seat.
Every time. And, every time, you get in trouble. We are so tired of dressing you 15 times a day, especially in the winter son. You are about to go barefoot in February.
You help put things in the trash for momma.
You help Ridge and momma clean up. Until you're distracted by a toy.
You love to climb in Ridge's chairs and turn the lights on and off.
You get so excited when you see Ridge's fish.
And, you still love to wear momma and Dada's shoes.
These are just a few of the things you love right now.

You are 24 lbs.
(You didn't gain as much from your 15 month appt. because of the awful stomach virus we had 3 weeks ago.) So pitiful.
32 1/2 inches long.
19" Head circumference

You are such a big boy and so fun.
You've started holding your hands in front of your eyes when you cry. It's so funny and dramatic.
You are so friendly and love to wave to everyone.
We love you!!!!

At the circus

Racing with Ridge

Big boy on the fort

The following pictures taken by jlauren photography

Happy 18 months sweet boy!


Chrisynda Price said...

Awe! Love the tribute to little Fulton! Surprised you didn't mention anything about drooling forever? =)

alysonc said...

Love this!! You are going to be so happy you remember all the precious things!! I heard an idea the other day I am going to start and thought you might like. Get a journal for each one of your children and just write it in when you can. On their birthdays or special days or just when you have a second...write your prayers for them, the joys they bring to you etc. I'm going to make Pat write in it some too :) Then give it to them on their wedding day or when the graduate college etc. I told Pat I want the journals for Mothers Day this year. Just an idea I thought I'd pass along!

Sandahlyn said...

That's such a sweet idea Aly! Thank you for sharing!

Sandahlyn said...

Well yes. Couldn't remember it all.