Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I had to document these before my impaired short-term memory brain forgets.
I'm so bad at documenting these. 
I forget so many.
 Both of these "funnies" have to do with the weather.
And, the innocence is just to sweet not to share and remember for myself.

Driving home from the circus:
Ridge- looking up at the sky from his car seat
"Momma, look, the moon is melting!"
(Clouds covering the moon)

This morning eating breakfast, during stormy weather:
Looking through one of our windows from his chair, he can see our little box garden.
"Momma, it's rained so much, our flowers are gonna need to go tee tee!"
(with an even stronger Southern accent than usual)
I know you can hear him Lauren! ;)

Oh yes, and the super appetizing fish he thew a little fit over  in the ole Food Depot the other day.
I really don't think he wanted to eat them.
 (Although he loves fish)
 I really think he just wanted to keep them, to play or something boyish. I don't know. 
I had to throw that in here too.

Love you pookie!

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