Saturday, January 19, 2013

Simple DIY Valentine Decor, Snow, and The Stomach Virus

My take on some simple Valentine's Decor just using some supplies I had on hand.
doilies, old sheet music, heart punch, heart stamp, bakers twine.
Nothing to write home about but Ridge and Fulton have liked them.

 Simple I Love You sign on doilies and twine.

Enjoying the first snow of the winter and Fulton's first snow ever.
He loved it. Of course, he loves anything and fears nothing. 
It was very wet because it has rained for the past 22 days straight. 
No seriously. Unbelievable amounts of rain, day after day. No sunshine.
So, the ground was sopping. 
But, we still had fun.
I mean, hey, snow is snow in Alabama.
You take what you can get.

 During nap time it kept snowing. And, the roads were covered too.
Loved the huge snowflakes.

 The snow had stopped. 

I think we got about 3"

The next afternoon.

 And, this week we have also celebrated with a stomach virus.
Nothing like hibernating in your home because of all the continuous rain, but now because we're infectious.
Fulton brought in the fun Monday night.
Alan and I were up til 3:30 with him.
Poor baby, he didn't understand and he vomited probably 15 times.
We gave him 4 baths and stripped his crib 4 times.
Then we decided to lie on the couch and hold him with towels all over us instead.
This also eliminated more laundry, so we would just fold up the towel and get another.
Then, late Thursday night, Alan and Ridge woke up vomiting.
Luckily, the vomiting is gone. And, Ridge only vomited once.
But, it was a loooong night for momma trying to get him to sleep on the couch with towels and understanding he could not have milk to drink.
Alan was quarantined to our room for easy access to our bathroom. Poor guy, he had no help.
Now we have just a little nice lingering diarrhea.
(I know you are all loving this nice post and the graphic details)

***side note***
The homemade laundry detergent. AMAZING with foul disgusting, tomato basil soup vomit.
I washed all of Fulton's crib bedding in it and the stench was unbelievable.
The detergent- cleaned everything so well. No stains. And, the smell was gone! Nada!
I seriously doubt my regular detergent would've been able to clean it that well and with no lingering smells.
Just had to throw that super worthy information in this post because it sold me on it even more!
If you haven't made any, make it now!!!! Click here for my post on it last year.
Seriously, one of the best cleaning products I've ever used.

He even caught the bug.
Poor snowman.
Too bad the fun was over in 24 hours, but a little snow is always exciting for us.
Say a prayer for us that the lingering syptoms go away and momma continues to stay well!

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